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Stowe Mountain Resort is Multi-Generational Fun

stowe mountain resort

Visiting the same place several times for me is a huge rarity since there are sooooo many places in the world to visit. So when I return to a place, especially more than two times, in my Travel Experta opinion – it is magical.

stowe mountain resort, Vermont is not only magical, but it is one of the most special places in the US.

I have now been here four times, twice in the past year and a half.

This past trip we decided to do a multi-generational travel pact.

My parents, my kids, my brother and my husband and I for a snow experience.

We got a lot more than we expected!

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Stowe Mountain Resort

snowboarding in vermont, skiing in vermont
Grandma and grandsons on the slopes

My mom is the one that introduced skiing to me over 35 years ago. Skiing all throughout the North East and Canada yearly was what I grew up doing.

Then, as time went on, my brother and I moved out and our yearly ski trips dwindled down to almost none in the past 20 years – much to my mom’s dismay.

Finally, her grandsons are old enough for her to hit the slopes with. And what better place than Stowe?

Skiing and Snowboarding at Stowe – a must do activity in Stowe, even if you are not staying at the resort.

snowboarding in stowe vermont
Snowboarding Dudes

Stowe reminds me of a snow village in Switzerland. Quaint, snowy, gondolas and winter fun.

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multi-generational travel
The Grandparents

Bringing my husband to the slopes has been something I’ve wanted to do for ages too. Being Guatemalan he doesn’t get to enjoy this weather nor the extreme sport side of it, since he’s into all extreme sports and catches on to them faster than most who have access to them all the time.

Needless to say, snowboarding and him have become fast friends.

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couple at stowe vermont
Snowboarding couple

Book your room at Stowe Mountain Lodge

Stowe Mountain Resort has the most modern, state of the art ski lifts and ski lift technology of all the neighboring slopes.

The Gondola has got to be the best ride up and down the slope. It’s perfect for skiers and snowboarders since it goes up one of their highest runs allowing you to stay warm the whole way up.

But the best part about it, you don’t have to be a skier or snowboarder to enjoy it. You can pay the ticket price and ride it all the way up to have some of the best views in the area. Plus, on top there is a delicious restaurant with views to die for.

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This is one of the must dos while visiting Stowe!

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