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Wine Storage Basics You Should Know As an Enthusiast

Wine is a delicate, flavorful, and blissful drink. Here you open a bottle of wine and there comes a whole world of aromas and pure pleasures. That’s exactly what opening a wine bottle feels like. And I am sure wine enthusiasts know the feeling better. Well, that being said, no wine lover wants their wine to taste bad or vinegar-like.Four Wine Storage Basics that you need to know if you want to keep your stash fresh and tasty for longer.Learn about top Wine Storage Basics.

This is exactly why you need some wine storing etiquette to bring the best out of each bottle of wine. In this flavorful post, we will discuss important storage basics you need to know to store your precious wine bottles in the best possible way.

Let’s read!

Wine Storage Basics

4 Wine Storage Basics to Keep Your Bottle Happy and Fresh

Got plenty of wine bottles and now confused about how to stash them properly? Well, you are not alone. This is a problem for many wine enthusiasts.

Consuming wine fresh as a flower is very important in order to enjoy it to the fullest. Believe it or not, a glass of bad wine isn’t enjoyable at all. So don’t compromise on your drink. Let’s kick-start storing wine properly.

Here is a rundown of all the storage basics you need to keep in your mind to keep your wine bottles happy and always fresh:

1.    Prefer Constant Temperature First Of All

Before you do anything just remember to keep wines at a constant temperature, most preferably between 53–57°F.

Mentioned temperature is best suitable for red, sparkling, white, and fortified wine. An ideal place to save wine bottles from suffering temperature fluctuations is by keeping them in the basement. They will be under the same temperature there.

2.    Keep the Bottles Away From Sun and High Temperature

Two things you must remember are the sun and the high temperature. Both are killers for your happy and thriving wine bottles. Always try to keep the bottles away from high temperature as a delicate taste of wine will turn into a bland taste.

Also, keep the bottles away from sunlight UV rays. The taste will be degraded and you won’t enjoy your wine anymore. You will find out a lot about wine storage products on website. Visit to read interesting wine-related blog posts as well! Now let’s move to the next basic tip.

3.    Yes, Humidity? Bring It On!

It must be a misconception that high temperature along with humidity is harmful to your precious wine. But turns out, humidity is very crucial for storing wine bottles in the best way.

If the surroundings of your air cell become dry. Then the cork will get dried as well, resulting in oxidized wine with an unpleasant taste. This is exactly why you need sufficient humidity to store your wines well and happy. Preferably 70 to 75 percent humidity.

4.    Avoid Shaking Wine Bottles 

This isn’t a theory anymore but a fully evident reality that shaking wine bottles turn its taste unpleasantly gritty. You don’t want that, right? So avoid shaking wine bottles for fun.

That’s all, my fellow wine lovers.

Wine Storage Basics

Make sure to take these 4 storage basics into consideration to experience the best wine taste every time you open up a new bottle. Have fun!

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