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Why You Should Stop Over At The Destin Seafood Festival

If you’re heading to Destin anytime soon, consider scheduling your trip on time with the Destin Seafood Festival. This is an annual celebration done for three days in the month of October, which will surely satisfy your senses. The Destin Seafood Festival is your one-stop shop to enjoy good food, good music, and good people. To paint a clearer picture, here are just some of the reasons why you should definitely stopover at the Destin Seafood Festival:

4 Reasons to Visit the Destin Seafood Festival

4 Reasons to Visit the Destin Seafood Festival

1. The Admission Is Free

Everyone loves anything that’s free. With the Destin Seafood Festival, you don’t have to spend a single cent to join in on the celebration as admission is free for this event. If you’re going to attend it for the first time, it’s best if you prepare a little budget for it. Aside from the live bands and the good food, you can actually buy a lot of souvenirs from the locals during the festival. Some of these souvenirs are even hand-crafted by the people of Destin, so you might want to take those home with you.

If you want to know more about Destin and the Seafood Festival itself, you can check out websites like Where in Destin to gain more local knowledge about the area and its culture.

2. Expect A Lot Of People

The Destin Seafood Festival is a massive event. For this year, around 5,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors from different parts of the world are expected to join. While it may be an annual celebration for all the people in Destin, its doors are always open for tourists as well.

3. You’ll Enjoy A Lot Of Food

Your trip will never be complete without tasting any good food. If you consider yourself a foodie, you might even plan your trip based on the local cuisine available in the country or state. When you visit the Destin Seafood Festival, you’ll never run out of options. As the name suggests, this is practically the best place you can get the best seafood dishes. For this year, the following food establishments are expected to serve food during the festival:

  • AJ’s: This local restaurant serves the best oysters in Destin. If you’re craving some, make sure to look for its booth during the Seafood Festival.
  • Asiago Skillet: Aside from serving good seafood, Asiago Skillet also provides a wide selection of breakfast dishes. From cinnamon French toast, buttermilk pancakes, and steak omelet to big breakfast bowls, this restaurant has got you covered. You’ll surely start your day right once you have your breakfast here!
  • Big Red Grill & Big Red Truck: Most people can’t make up their minds as to what type of seafood to get. If you feel the same, look for the Big Red Grill & Big Red Truck when you visit the Destin Seafood Festival. This food truck offers seafood baskets with shrimp, fish, and tacos in it. You can also have the option of building your own burger!
  • Brotula’s Seafood House and Steamer: The Brotula’s Seafood House and Steamer are known to offer the best-steamed crab, lobsters, and mussels in Destin. If you want to taste seafood that is infused with New South culinary preparations, this is the first food booth you should look for during the Destin Seafood Festival.
  • Landshark’s Pizza: You don’t need any reason to eat pizza. If you love pizza, and you want to try out the best in the world, look for Landshark’s Pizza. Their menu includes a lot of pizza, chicken wings, and beer. No matter what type of topping you’d want in a pizza, this restaurant will surely have it!

4. It Offers Live Music

You’ll be able to enjoy your meal better when you hear good music while eating. For some, food should always be paired with a good band playing in the background. This combination is something you’ll experience when you head down to the Destin Seafood Festival. This is a big celebration for the people in Destin and features four stages with different performers! Bands will start to play at 12 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening.

Preparation Is Key

To ensure that your next trip to Destin will be worth it, scout for other destinations around the area. Create a list of the places you should visit, how much it costs to go there (transportation and admission) and when is the best time to visit. Your next trip to Destin will surely be one for the books if you’re prepared for it!

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