Stock Island Marina Village in Key West, FL: A Secret Vacation Rentals

Have you ever considered staying in a Marina? I’m not talking about only on a sailboat, but in a luxury condo, as well? These types of difficult choices are only to be made when you start searching for Florida Keys Vacation Rentals. As you can see, they are truly tough choices indeed. When I was planning our mini-honeymoon to the Florida Keys, my main goal was to stay in a Marina. Because staying at just at any Inn isn’t really what it is all about, now, is it? After a lot of research, I narrowed our stops to two places. But I decided on The Stock Island Marina Village in Key West.

I knew that a sailboat would be tiny, and since I am not a big sailor, one night would do the trick. But I didn’t want to compromise my Marina stay, and that’s how I wound up learning all about the most adorable village.

After our delicious visit to Hogfish Bar and Grill which is located at the front of the Stock Island Marina Village, Bobby (the owner of the restaurant) gave us a quick tour of the area. And we simply fell in love with it and wanted to stay there. That’s how he turned us on to the family vacation spots rental.

His good friend, Mike Bullock, rents out a luxury three bedroom condo which we immediately agreed to stay.

stock island houseboat rentals

Why We Decided to Stay on the Stock Island Marina Village

If you have read any of my articles on the blog, it is easy to see that I am a history buff that loves to find unique staying and eating experiences for each location we visit. And this village was simply bursting with history and uniqueness.

Historical Background

Stock Island is where the ex-headquarters for the Bay of Pigs operation was held. Before that, during peaceful times, this was where the main ferry to Cuba used to board.

bay of pigs at Stock Island marina village, Key West, Florida

But that’s not all. One of the owners of a trailer and dock space bought the sinking Jackie Onassis yacht (Jackie O) and is rebuilding it.

jackie o yacht Stock Island marina village, Key West, Florida

And the best part, the most famous treasure hunter of all time – Mel Fisher – keeps his boat here for the never-ending treasure exploration.

mel fisher's treasure boat is a stock island vacation rentals

And this was all in our back and front yard. What a way to stay while visiting Key West.

Our Condo and Neighborhood

To get into the Marina with your vehicle, in our case we rented a Harley Davidson, and you need to pass an electric small gate. The remote comes with the rental, and you can park right in front.

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - harley davidson

Our condo had a sitting area outside in the back and the front, which are both lined with water.

Our condo had a full kitchen and dining room

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - kitchen and dining room

A super cozy living room

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - living room

A full entertainment center

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - entertainment center

And three bedrooms

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - three bedrooms

One with a bunk bed and sofa sleeper

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - sofa sleeper

And two bathrooms

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - bathroom

You can easily fit eight people here comfortably. Plus, a housekeeping service, which is rare with vacation rentals.

The best part of it all was the actual village.

Stock Island, Key West, Florida - house rental - collectors

I’ve never seen so many houseboats

stock island houseboat rentals

And what character!

quirky houseboat at Stock Island, Key West, Florida

My Take On It

This is truly the only way to stay when visiting the Keys. Nothing beats waking up to a sunrise over the water.

Find more information about the waterfront condo here.

An Unknown Secret for the Florida Keys Vacation Rentals

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

6 thoughts on “Stock Island Marina Village in Key West, FL: A Secret Vacation Rentals

  1. When I win the lottery – I will do it. Hopefully, I won’t be in my old age!

    1. Hi Natalie,

      i almost feel like that about Turkey:) But plan on doing it before any lottery, since I never play the lottery

  2. What a neat place to stay! So beautiful! Thanks for the great post!

  3. Hi,
    I’ll arriva in Kwest next 28 june for 3 nights
    With my family(2+3)and I’m looking for a tipical housboat.Do you have avilibility?hoe much the total price?

    1. Hi Andrea,

      I found our sailboat on Wimdu.com but there are more on Airbnb. The house boat isn’t mine, we rented it.

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