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A Step-by-Step Guide: Planning Your Dream Wedding Abroad

An increasing number of couples are opting for a destination wedding. One of the reasons is that this option is far cheaper. After all, the average cost for a wedding in the US ranges from $15,000 to $32,000. A wedding abroad, on the other hand, can cost less than $10,000. Exchanging your wedding vows on a white sandy beach, in a tropical location or in a city that holds special memories is becoming appealing for many couples. It is reasonable to say, however, that the logistics can be very challenging! With that in mind, here are eight essential factors you need to keep in mind. How to plan a wedding on a foreign country.In this article you will find information about planning your dream wedding abroad.

Planning Your Dream Wedding Abroad

  1. The Legalities: The laws relating to marriage vary from country to country, so you first need to find out whether you can legally marry in your chosen location. There may be residency requirements you need to comply with or specific documentation you need to provide. 
  2. Choosing a Destination: Picking your wedding destination is the easiest part of planning a wedding abroad! However, there are a number of things you need to consider before making the final decision. Price, distance, language, culture, climate, safety, setting, and public holidays are just a few examples. 
  3. One-Size Fits All or Tailor-Made: There are several options when it comes to the details of your wedding. You’ll find a variety of different travel companies offering wedding packages held within a holiday resort. Get in touch with Destify destination weddings to Mexico, for example, and see what they can offer. You can also choose to make your arrangements independently.     
  4. A Wedding Planner: Using the services of a wedding planner will make things easier and more relaxing. What’s more, a wedding planner will be your local expert on the ground. They will be able to suggest suitable locations, organize the marriage officials and all the other essential logistics. 
  5. What Time of the Year: When you’re making plans for your wedding, you need to take national holidays and festivals into consideration. You’ll be paying more during peak times, but if you pick a date just out of the busy wedding season, you’ll have a much wider choice. 
  6. Research the Local Weather: At any time of the year, the weather can be very unpredictable. However, there are usually certain times of the year that will be best to avoid. In the Caribbean and the Far East, for example, September is monsoon season, which doesn’t lend itself well to an outdoor wedding.  
  7. Wedding Insurance: If you’re going to be traveling a long distance, you’ll want to take out travel insurance, but you should also consider additional wedding insurance. This type of insurance is more likely to cover wedding items such as your dress, rings, or wedding gifts.  
  8. Stepping Stone to Your Honeymoon: Ensure you have enough time left after the wedding to relax and enjoy your honeymoon. Think of your wedding destination as a base from which to explore the country or region. 

Follow these steps, and your destination wedding will be a memorable one.  


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