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Staying in a Very Special Accommodation: A Farmhouse in Gozo Malta

Gozo is an island among Maltese islands. It is the second largest following Malta Island. It is a popular place which for a long time has been recognized for its natural arch known as Azure Window. It was a tourist attraction which was a pride for Gozo Island until sadly a stormy weather caused its collapse on 8th March 2017. When in Gozo you have various housing options but I urge you to consider staying in a farmhouse and I will tell you why.Reasons why staying at a Gozo farmhouse is such a great experience for visitors.Learn all about the Gozo Malta during Malta travel.

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The Beauty of a Farmhouse in Gozo Malta

Accommodation in a Gozo farmhouse is an experience on its own. You wouldn’t want to miss this experience. Visit one of the farmhouses and enjoy the serenity feel of Holiday homes Gozo that we have singled out. The accommodation features traditional classic Maltese style of building and yet donned in modernization. The result which we do not want to preempt is a unique style of setup.

Gozo Farmhouse Setup

  • En-suite bedrooms – We begin with the bedrooms because this is like the heart of the accommodation. The Gozo farmhouse contains 3 spacious en-suite bedrooms with bunk beds made in Maltese traditional style.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is fully equipped with all kinds of cooking equipment. Talk of a home from home. This is the place. It contains a spacious dining area for breakfast that can accommodate not less than 8 people at once.
  • The Lounge – Relaxation is well taken care of. With a Satellite and Cable TV enabled flat screen, what else can create the relaxation? Not forgetting to mention the DVD player for your own choice of movies or music. The comfy seats/couches complement the relaxation mood. Wi-Fi is an added feature which brings connection to the outer world.
  • Private Pool – You can enjoy private swimming in sparkling salty chlorinated water. The pool area contains lounging sunbeds to give you sunshine or shade as you please.

The Beauty of the Surroundings

The urban setting in Gozo, in Victoria to be in particular, is very hectic. The town is full of shops and people doing business that is why having a change of scenery might be a better option for you.  There is an energy that kind of environment gives out where your level of tranquility is high; you are one with nature and interacting directly with nature.

This is definitely a better option. You still get to go into the town every now and then but going back to the farmhouse away from all the chaos in a business are is definitely how a vacation should be spent.

Going on vacation and being hosted by a family or the locals in Gozo, is by far better than staying in a hotel or a resort on your own. They give you a personal experience with the culture in Gozo Malta. The daily fresh food is also a plus because who doesn’t like fresh food? From fresh milk to fresh vegetables, bread and cheese; they offer fresh variety. The owners let you get involved in their mixed farming processes.

Final Word

Gozo farmhouses are a wonder to behold. Words would not give justice to the beauty and the feeling of staying in one of those farmhouses. Unless you visit and see for yourself, it would be unfair to try and express the kind of feeling that goes with the special accommodation in a Gozo farmhouse. Do not wait to be told. Get the first-hand experience by visiting Gozo Malta Farmhouse. It is a home from home.

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