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Why Staying at Smugglers Notch Resort for JUST Three Days is a Bad Idea – Part I

sleigh riding in Smuggler's Notch Resort, vermont

One thing about raising tropical kids in Central America is that they YEARN for snow. I grew up in snow. So for me it’s not a novelty.

And quite frankly, it’s been over 20 years that I’ve experienced it, and memory has a funny way of playing with your mind. What I seem to remember most is the ice covered windshields and plowing driveways.

Needless to say, I’ve resisted taking my kids to a snow destination for years. But this year, I caved.

Vermont has always been one of my absolute favorite States. And I have visited it with my family once before in the summertime. So when it was time to plan our winter trip, this was the #1 spot I turned to immediately.

And, last time we visited Smugglers’ Notch Resort in the summer was for a day (I had no idea what an incredible place this was). That’s why this time around I made it part of our main stop for three nights.

Which was almost as big of a mistake as the one day visit!

Three nights at Smuggler’s Notch during winter is like arriving to Yosemite Park for one hour. You see all there is to do there, and even try a few things, but you know you need to be here for at least a week to fully take in all that they offer.

And when I say Smugg’s has a lot to offer, I say it as an understatement.

We felt like kids in a candy shop.

First of all, before I dive into some of the fun activities we did (part II), I can now reboot my memory of winter and realize how much fun it really is.

We were outside from 9 am to 9 pm savoring every moment we could during our three day stay.

Which took away from the incredible vacation rentals that are part of the resort. But we managed to sneak in some fun time there as well.

Staying at Smugglers Notch Resort Condos

Smugg’s, unlike most ski resorts, doesn’t have your standard hotel rooms, but instead offers condos, vacation rentals (as I like to think of it). They come in all different sizes.

We stayed in one of the two bedroom units, which is probably the size of a large four bedroom house. The bedrooms were that big.

The kitchen, dining room and living room were spacious, open and so cozy with a fireplace going all night. No need for an air conditioner here.

smugglers notch resort, vermont - living room

We had an indoor porch, it wasn’t quite outside, you can sit there comfortably during the winter, but with the full effect of being outdoors, and with great views of the slopes.

smugglers notch resort, vermont - view of slopes

And, the best part, the bathrooms. My kids loved the Jacuzzi.

smugglers notch resort, vermont - jacuzzi fun

You can see why.

Book your room at Smugglers’ Notch Resort

smugglers notch resort, vermont - jacuzzi

With a full kitchen that had everything you can possibly need to open up a restaurant. I still preferred eating at the restaurants on their property.

Smuggler’s Notch has several restaurants in the village, which is the main area.

Kids fun, and good food – Morse Mountain Grille.

smugglers notch resort, vermont - morse grill

And more upscale, where you can have a candlelit dinner and brunch – Hearth & Candle.

smugglers notch resort, vermont - hearth and candle restaurant

Simply staying in and around the condo needs a full day in itself. There are several complexes, since the resort is so huge. Each area has it’s own pool area. Some have bigger than others with water slides and water park activities.

Plus, each area has it’s own health club and other activities around.

This is on top of the main area where they have a Fun Zone and more pools with tennis courts.

Stay tuned for PART II to find out all the different activities that are offered daily – this deserves a whole post/guide in itself!

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