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Staying Safe and Having Fun On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

You love the outdoors; in fact, it’s the place you feel most comfortable. Your dog also enjoys tagging along and partaking in the hike. The fresh air and freedom are something that makes you and your traveling partner feel alive. However, there are things that can happen, unforeseen, that can turn your weekend adventure into anything but exciting. Luckily, there are ways to prepare for any emergency. Making a checklist ahead of time and packing everything on the list will allow you to enjoy the weekend completely.Four of my best tips that will help you stay safer the next time you go out on a trip.In this post, you will find tips of Outdoor Adventure

tips of Outdoor Adventure

Keeping Track of Your Pet

The worst thing that can happen on your mini adventure is for your animal to wander off and not be able to find it. It’s a scary feeling knowing that your dog is lost and all alone in the wilderness. The good news is that devices such as the Garmin DriveTrack 71 truck GPS dog tracker, with advanced systems that allow you to identify where you’re canine traveled and locate it quickly. Being proactive also helps. Never let your dog wander too far ahead. While dispensing with a leash can help keep your hands free for other things, in thick brush and forests, a leash for the short term can make your trip uneventful.


Whether out hunting or enjoying a weekend through an uncharted wilderness, having the right supplies on hand can make a huge difference. First, make sure your dog is up for the trip. A vet check ahead of time and shots administered along with flea and tick medication, is not only a good thing, it’s also essential. Second, just like you need to stay hydrated, so does your dog. Having a collapsible dog dish and an ample supply of water on hand is necessary. If your pooch is small in size using a pack to cart them over your shoulder in between long runs may prove to be beneficial for both. Since you will have continuous exposure to the elements, things like rain gear and a soft place to sleep are also important. A pop-up tent cuts down the setup time making it easy to create a safe and secure environment in just minutes. You should always carry a first aid kit especially if you are hiking through an area with a lot of debris. A wipe of a hanging branch or a trip or a sudden fall can cause a cut or worse. Having a kit with peroxide, painkiller, and gauze are just a few of the essentials required. If your dog takes medication you should pack that too, along with reward treats that can help keep your pet by your side. Additionally, don’t count on acquiring the catch of the day. Make sure you have plenty of food on hand for you and your dog just in case.

Take Some of the Load off Your Shoulders

Packing up for a weekend outdoor adventure requires preparation. Since there are many essential required having the help of your furry friend can help to alleviate some of the weight literally from on your shoulders. A pack designed for larger dogs rests on their back and includes pockets on either side, similar to traveling with a mule on a smaller scale. You can use this space to carry their dish, water, treats, a dog towel for drying your pet and medications.

Staying Safe

Having all your gear and supplies is only half the battle. You also want others, especially if traveling during the hunting season, to see you clearly. Neon or reflective clothing in bright colors can save your life and your dog’s life too. Many animals call the wilderness home. Here, you are the trespasser. Come prepared with devices and tools that will prevent a disturbed resident of the forest from getting at you. While your dog can alert you to potential trouble, having things like a bear spray can help you avoid a serious, possibly life-threatening injury.

Heading off on an outdoor adventure to uncharted territory is very exciting for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. In order to remain safe and enjoy the trip, make sure that you go prepared. Then you can relax and show pictures and talk about all the fun you had while away.

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