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10 Tips for Eating Local and Staying Healthy While Traveling Around

How can you enjoy local delicacies while on travel abroad without getting sick? This article has 10 tips that you may want to follow.I love traveling. I’ve been to Europe numerous times. I have visited several countries in Asia like India, Cambodia, and Thailand, too. What I love about traveling aside from getting to know a new culture is that I get to try new foods as well.10 tips to stay healthy and still being able to try local food while traveling.Take a look at this post of staying healthy while traveling.

In fact, it was in Russia where I got to know about Easter chocolate paskha. And I got to appreciate fontina and mozzarella cheese during my trips to Italy.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

While eating local foods is one of the ways to fully enjoy your vacation abroad, it can also be very risky especially if you try to be adventurous. Here are 10 tips that I can share with you when it comes to eating local abroad:

1. Wash your hands all the time before eating
If you are the type of person who isn’t fond of washing hands all the time, then I suggest you get into this habit while you are on vacation. Washing hands is the best way to avoid getting sick especially when you are in another country. Think about all the hands you shook while trying to get friendly with the locales or the train railings that you held on to.

By washing your hands before and yes, even after eating, you can stop the spread of harmful bacteria that can cause different ailments.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

2. Don’t buy fruit shakes and drinks from unreliable sources
It can be very tempting to drink fruit shakes especially when you are in a tropical country like India. But I suggest you resist that urge to drink fruit shakes especially those sold in the streets. You aren’t sure if these drinks are made of purified water.

3. Eat properly cooked food
Eating street food is really tempting when you are abroad. However, it also opens you up to a lot of health risks. I suggest that you eat properly cooked food. Foods that are fried or boiled are less likely to cause you to get sick. After all, high temperatures can kill germs.

I usually ask the servers to ensure that the meat they serve me is well done. I think that has made me stay healthy all the times I have been out of the country.

4. Follow the locals
Here’s another trick I’ve learned during all the time I have spent traveling—do as the locals eat. I remember one time when I tried Pad Thai Kung in Bangkok. I saw one stall with really long lines.

My curiosity was piqued so I lined up, too. It turns out that the vendor has a very good reputation among the locals. And yes, it did serve sumptuous Pad Thai. Fortunately, I didn’t get sick during that trip at all.

5. Use the best judgment
When contemplating about trying street food, the first thing I look at is the cleanliness of the cart or stall. If the cart looks dirty, I move on to another no matter how tempting the food maybe. I also look at the guy serving the food. If he doesn’t look clean or tidy, I simply pass up.

6. Check the glass and silverware
I am very particular with the silverware of the restaurants I eat at. If the silver doesn’t look clean at all, I would usually stand up and leave.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

You should also run a napkin over your spoon and fork before using them. If they look unappetizing, then simply ask for a new set.

You must also drink soda or beer directly out of the can or bottle juice than from a glass. And make it a habit of asking for a straw to drink fruit juices.

7. Avoid foods with certain words
Are you trying to maintain your weight even as you are to embark on a 2-week trip to Asia? Well, good luck! Seriously, I would encourage you to stay away from foods with the following words —
crunchy, battered, breaded, sizzling and crusted.

These foods are usually high in fats and calories. Eating them would wreck havoc on your diet.

8. Eat yogurt
Worried that you might get diarrhea while traveling abroad? Then eat yogurt! It has enzymes that can prevent diarrhea, and ease your digestive system into the cuisine of the country you are visiting.

9. Eat foods you can peel
Fruits and vegetables that you can peel yourself are generally safe to eat. These include bananas, mango, oranges, cucumbers, and apples. I’d rather eat these than raw foods like salads which can be prone to airborne contaminants.

10. Go for smaller fishes
Seafood dishes can cause various intestinal problems because fish can easily accumulate contaminants. I would suggest that you avoid fish organs and shellfish like mussels and oysters. Smaller fishes such as sardines, tilapia, catfish, and shrimp are considered safe to eat.

Trying new dishes while on travel is one of the best ways to experience or get immersed in a new culture. But it can also put you at risk of sickness. By practicing the tips I shared above, you can keep yourself healthy while on vacation.

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