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Staying Connected to People Back Home When you Travel

One of the most useful resources for travelers in this modern, globalized world, one where people are always going in different directions, but still need to stay connected, are international calls.

Because of that, many services have been created. They can be payed via telephone cards, directly by land lines, cellular phones. Some hotels and airports also offer these much needed services. However, even with all of the technological improvements of the last ten years making international phone calls by those means can be a bit too pricey.

But there are also good news, lately I have noticed that using your PC to make phone calls can be a much better and cheaper option. Now a days you will find a computer and a decent internet connection almost everywhere you go. Plus if you carry with you your own computer you don’t even have to look for an internet cafe, you can make calls from your hotel room. There are great sites on the internet suchas Rebtel.

You can even get free Apps for your cell phone that work with an internet connection. They end up being cheaper than using your company’s international call services.

What makes it cheaper?

It is very simple, by making a PC to Phone call when you travel, you only pay a rate per minute and avoid the ridiculously high roaming fees of many phone operators or your carrier.

So give it a try. I’m sure you and your wallet will be pleasantly surprised!

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