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Staycation? Three Reasons Why You Still Need Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Record summer temperatures have resulted in record numbers of holidaymakers choosing to remain in the UK this year. But while the domestic tourist industry has revelled in the sunshine, one sector that is not enjoying the staycation trend is travel insurance.

The majority of people don’t even consider the need to take out travel insurance when they go on holiday domestically – seven out of eight, in fact, according to one survey. But while people tend to think of travel insurance in terms of covering flight cancellations, lost luggage and expensive overseas medical bills, there are plenty of reasons why you should still take out a policy even if you choose to staycation.

Here are three main reasons why domestic holidaymakers should still take out UK travel insurance.

Insuring high-value items

Nowadays, few of us would even consider holidaying without taking our smartphone, tablet, laptop, Amazon Echo or whatever other type of essential gadget owned. Some of these items might be covered by their own warranty or care plans, some might be covered under our home insurance for out of home use. But the rest?

If you go abroad with travel insurance, damage to or loss of belongings is covered. The same risks apply to your high-value items whether you holiday domestically or abroad, so it makes sense to cover your property with travel insurance for both.


It isn’t just airlines and airports that can cause costly cancellations that wreck your itinerary. If you have ever travelled by rail in the UK, you will know. And even if there is no fault on the rail operator’s behalf, what if you miss your train? Last minute replacement tickets cost a fortune.

The same principle applies to accommodation and excursions – what if you have bought theme park tickets in advance to save some money, only to find you can’t go? Travel insurance will have your back.

Medical transport

Finally, you may not have to pay medical care costs if you are a UK citizen and fall ill on a staycation. But if you are hospitalised and feel for convenience sake you might like to be moved back to your local hospital, it isn’t guaranteed you will get that gratis on the NHS. Again, domestic travel insurance policies will often include clauses stating they will pay out to cover such costs up to a maximum contribution.

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