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Stay in Touch With Friends and Family When Traveling Abroad

Traveling and visiting exciting new places is one of the best experiences. No matter how old you are, there’s no age limit for starting an adventurous lifestyle. 

Some people love traveling once a month to explore new places and learn about different cultures, and some of them must be abroad every week due to their business obligations. Either way, we all miss our loved ones while we’re abroad. 

Luckily, we live in a modern digital age where everything is possible if you have an internet connection. There are many ways to keep in touch with your family and friends while traveling abroad. 

Here are some ways to share your experience and stay in touch with your loved ones at home.

a woman a kid snorkeling in egypt

Take advantage of messaging apps

Before you pack your things and leave for your trip, you need to consider paying for an international mobile plan if you want to stay in touch with people back home. However, most international plans are expensive, so it’s always wise to have a backup plan. 

If you can’t afford an international plan, you can always use mobile apps to stay in touch with your loved ones. You can connect to the public internet in many places, but free Wi-Fi isn’t the safest option because it doesn’t use encryption. 

Getting a trusted Virtual Private Network app before traveling can help a lot. Enable it before connecting to public Wi-Fi, and you will likely keep your data safe. A VPN for PC is also an excellent solution if you plan to do some work while traveling abroad. So, be sure to install a VPN on both smartphones and computers. 

So, the easiest way to keep in touch with the latest events back home is to use messaging apps. Many different apps can provide you with features like video and chat calls, group calls, or call forwarding. And if you have a VPN, you can connect to Wi-Fi at your hotel or nearby coffee places to make a call. 

Ensure all your family members and friends download and install the specific app you’ve picked as the primary communication tool. 

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Make video calls

Yes, you probably don’t want to spend time on your laptop or mobile device instead of hiking or swimming in the ocean, but there’s no better way to see your loved ones, even if it’s only on video. If you miss your friends and family, you can always video-chat and share a piece of your adventure with them. 

More importantly, you won’t have to waste a minute of your trip texting and waiting for their response. Instead, you can video chat in real time, even if your loved ones are on the other side of the world. Apps like Zoom, Skype, and even Facebook Messenger might work well. However, consider more secure VoIP apps to guarantee smooth and protected communications. 

Besides seeing your family and friends, you can also include them in your daily activities and show them the fantastic places you’re currently visiting. Make sure you have a stable internet connection or rent a wireless card. 

Share short videos with your loved ones

Short videos are like personal postcards come alive. Yes, journals are excellent, but you’ll have to make time to write everything that happened on your trip, and you may not read that ever again. On the other hand, short personal videos are a brilliant way to share emotions and thoughts with your loved ones. 

You can consider starting a personal blog if you travel a lot. People love to read travel blogs and watch exciting videos. Even better, you might earn a passive income for what you’re filming if you gather enough followers. Many content management systems are available to help you manage your blog without any technical knowledge. 

No matter what you choose, sharing short videos or personal blogs with your loved ones will help you keep in touch with your closest people while you’re on the road. It’s much easier than writing an individual email every day. 

You won’t have to attach photos and videos or write personal messages to everyone individually. You can make a short video and send it to everyone or upload it to your blog to update your loved ones daily. 

Make a private group on Facebook

If you don’t have video production and editing skills or don’t have enough time to do it, make a private Facebook group and invite all your loved ones to join. That’s probably the best way to keep all your friends and family up to date with your adventures and share special moments with them. 

You can post pictures, write about your trip, and share important events that will only be available in their newsfeed. That way, you won’t need to send countless messages to each one of your people when you want to share special moments in your life. 

You can share every important detail with all your special people at once and even have an excellent time chatting in the comments about your funny vacation pictures and videos. 


As difficult as it can be to part with your loved ones, don’t forget how wonderful it is to visit new places and have real fun while traveling around the world. Luckily, almost every restaurant or cafe in the world has access to the internet, so there’s no reason to worry you won’t stay in touch with your loved ones even if you’re miles away. 

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