Star Wars Convention in Antigua, Guatemala

Nerds are universal and thanks to them they bring fun conventions to small cities like Antigua, Guatemala.

We went to it the first time one year ago, so this was our second time around. Last year when I came, I was done in about 15 minutes, but my oldest son wanted to stay longer and he actually came two times – once with his buddies and once with me.

So this year I thought we would be done pretty fast – since non of us are actual Star Wars fans.

But we were surprised!

Fun things to do at a (mini) Star Wars Convention

Dressing up – putting on cool oversized masks is a big hit everywhere.


More unique masks


And another one…


Shooting – good for any age and lots of guns to choose from
Price: 5q or $ 0.60 cents each round


Get the big guns out for the big boys


The actual Convention – mixture between exhibits and selling


Laser Tag – this was a big hit for all ages, but did require a lot of crying when the little guys were killed and it was impossible to tell them they were out

Price: 10q or $1.25 for each game


You can keep track of when the Star Wars Convention comes to town.

Star Wars Convention in Antigua, Guatemala

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

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