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Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure – Why Everyone Needs to Try It


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Full Transcript

Today’s episode, we are going to be supping. What is that talking all about? Stand up paddle boarding. Are you guys ready to make every day an adventure?

Begin. What is stand up paddleboarding? Well, I mean, it pretty much defines itself, right? It’s not technically a surfboard, although a lot of people think that it’s very similar. Stand up paddle boarding is an actual sport.

You do need to have a good solid board. There are many different kinds. Obviously, when you go stand up paddle boarding, you need to be in a place where it’s either a mangrove and estuary. Those are the preferred places to go. You can go in the ocean, obviously you could do it on a Lake, on a very calm river, but it’s best where there’s not a lot of tide.

So I personally have never been on a stand up paddle board. And it’s funny because we used to live in Costa Rica and in Costa Rica, stand up paddle boarding is a really popular thing and it just looks so dangerous and scary and just totally out of my comfort zone until on my 48 9th birthday, I told my family that for my birthday I want to go to the beach. And the number one thing, the only real thing that I want to do is a stand up paddle boarding tour. My kids are one. My youngest is eleven, my oldest is 17.

They are really picky about what they do. However, for my birthday, they cannot tell me no. So this was a family adventure. And because we live in Guatemala, we went to Paredon Beach. Paredon beach is a really popular place where you could go and do quite a lot of things.

Obviously, surfing is one of them horseback riding on the beach. But you could also do paddle boarding because there’s this huge system of mangroves that are located all around. Harold and I found this amazing tour. It was with this guy named Sean and it was a private tour that cost like $60 for the four of us to go for 3 hours. I mean, it was incredible.

And he has a state of the art, the newest paddle boards. And you can just tell that he loves us with all his soul. So that is a contagious thing, right? And it’s his own thing. It’s not like the whole agency where they have different guides and it’s important when you go with the local guide.

I really prefer that local tour feeling. So anyways, he picks us up at our hotel and we walked over to the mangroves, which was like less than a five minute walk. We got on our paddle boards and even my eleven year old was able to have his own. So it obviously depends on your kids age, but pretty much it’s really kid friendly. So we got on the paddle boards and we just took off and he was like, okay, we’re going to first begin the first part of the tour it’s going to be mainly sitting down, not really standing and the reason why is because he took us through these unbelievable little trails mangroves where the mangroves were literally all hanging over our heads.

We were ducking; they were just narrow enough for our paddle board to go through these I guess you could call them mini canals. It was one of the most beautiful experiences that I ever had and then you come out into this it’s kind of like a river that leads or becomes an estuary that leads into the water into the ocean but it’s a long way to the ocean so it’s really calm and that’s where you can do the stand up part. My family got the stand up I mean literally in minutes for me it took me quite a lot of balancing. You have to know where to stand and whatnot but once you get it it is so fun and if you do it strong enough you can really get a pretty great workout so if you have a chance to ever go stand up paddle boarding or sub I cannot recommend it enough it is really one of the most amazing really hands on nature experiences. You are literally feeling one with nature and it’s just hard to put into words so remember you can make every day an adventure.

You don’t need to travel far and wide you can just look right in your own neighborhood in your own town in your own backyard for some really awesome things and if you can’t come up with some ideas make sure to go to that’s my site where you could get a free list of over 365 adventures that you could have with about going far and wide all right, everybody, thank you so much and if you enjoyed the show please make sure to review and give it a thumbs up and share. Thanks, everybody. Bye.

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