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Stainless Steel Water Bottles – Essential for Families On Many Levels

Every year we my son goes through at least three different water bottles. They are all usually plastic (BPA free), yet they become so beat up and nasty after only a couple of months that I am in desperate need to find something that will sustain my son’s wrath of water drinking (he is nine and very passionate about his water breaks).

After tons of time of looking for the right bottle, my son (who is slowly becoming way more savvy at shopping online than me) found Klean Kanteen. And it was in his favorite color – black!

Klean Kanteen was created to provide a safer alternative to the normal plastic bottle that could be reused. The most popular size among their line is the 27oz Classic Kanteen. Which is just right for a full day at school, including sports time. The bottle is BPA free and stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

My Take on It

I love the large opening for the water and the drinkable spout.  It fits perfectly into my son’s lunch box because it’s not too wide and very easy to hold in your hand.

We’ve taken it traveling and it was just the right size to slip into side pockets of any backpack or bag.

From the way my son travels, so far the bottle can definitely take a beating. And now it is ready for the true test a new school year.

Contact and Information for Klean Kanteen

We found Klean Kanteen via their website. You can most definitely get all their products on amazon, but if you venture over to the homepage you can get tons of new products and sales as well.

And if you still like to shop the old fashioned way, they have a bunch of stores all over the world. Check out their store locator to find one closest to you.

For more information about their other products visit their Twitter and Facebook profiles regularly.

Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Product Review


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