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St. Augustine Alligator Farm – Over 100 Years of Love and Care

St. Augustine, Florida is simply brewing with history on every turn. This doesn’t stop with just historic sites and buildings but also zoos. St. Augustine Alligator Farm is over 100 years old and has a story that needs to be told.

st augustine alligator farm

My new thing when learning all I can about a new place that I want to visit is to work with the local tourism board, in this case: Florida’s Historic Coast. The people that work there usually are locals, love to explore their areas and know all the coolest things to do and see.

We’ve done so many zoos and animal parks that I never considered visiting an alligator farm. But after many emails with Barbara, from the tourism office, I was convinced that it was a must do with kids. And she was so dead on.

Why St. Augustine Alligator Farm is Definitely Worth a Visit

Instead of writing out lengthy descriptions, this is where a picture(s) is worth a thousand and one words.

Alligator attack (just kidding)

St. Augustine alligator farm - kids activities

Sparking interest in little people about animals of all sorts

educational travel - learning about alligators

Not just alligators. As a matter for fact, they have one of the largest reptile exhibits we’ve ever seen

land of crocs at st. augustine zoo

Mating gators – why not! This always represents that the animals are not stressed and feel safe. In other words, this is a great sign.

mating alligators

Birds of Africa – this exhibit was amazingly done with vultures and many large birds of prey

birds of africa exhibit

Lemurs – Yup they have these adorable, extremely endangered animals here for everyone to learn more about helping save them as well

lemurs exhibit - florida zoos

Galapagos Turtles – the oldest creatures on earth.

Galapagos turtles - oldest creatures on earth

There is a reason this place is called the Alligator Farm. The picture below only depicts about one fifth of the entire gator pond. There are hundreds of gators here.

gator pond - st. augustine alligator farm

The museum is great to learn all about the evolution of the crocodilian family. This is a replica of what they looked like during dinosaur time. Pretty darn scary!

prehistoric crocodilian skull

Getting up close and a bit too personal with a gator

up close encounter with an alligator

Not only do they have snakes, but they have the king cobra. This is a very rare animal to see in a zoo. You must have the antidote for that God Forbid moment.

king cobra - florida zoo

The largest living-in-captivity Anaconda in the world (over 21 feet long)

largest anaconda in captivity

Shows – many to choose from. Make sure to find the schedule of shows to work into your visit.

shows at st. augustine alligator farm

Animal fun – touch a baby snake

touching a baby anaconda

Touch a baby gator

touching a baby gator

History of St. Augustine Alligator Farm

  • Established 1893
  • Started by George Reddington and Felix Fire when they began collecting alligators on Anastasia Island
  • 1910 became a popular tourist attraction
  • 1916 was called the ‘Largest Alligator farm in the world’
  • 1920 troubles happened. First a horrible storm destroying the rail track that brought people to St. Augustine. Then two fires completely demolished the park.
  • 1921 the farm was moved to its current location
  • Today the farm has over 1000 species to show and is growing each day
  • There is a lot more history, for you history buffs, on their site

Video Fun

Information for Visiting the Alligator Farm

Daily hours (7 days a week) 9 am – 5 pm


Adults (ages 12+)
Children (ages 3-11)
Guests in Wheelchairs(Adults)
Guests in Wheelchairs(Children)
St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoo Members
Free Admission

St. Augustine Alligator Farm – Over 100 Years of Love and Care



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  1. This is great! I remember visiting the Alligator Farm when I was a kid living in Jacksonville. I loved it as a 7 year old and definitely think it’s a great place to take kids speaking from my own experience as a kid there.
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