Sprout Watches Review: A Stunning Eco Friendly Watch

Confession time – I haven’t worn a watch in over ten years. It all started with the clasp constantly getting caught in my hair. Then I couldn’t find an eco-friendly watch, which was the only kind that I really wanted, and ten years ago they simply didn’t exist. Then it moved on to my pregnancies and watches hurting my kids while I’m either nursing them or carrying them, or for a number of weird reasons that only mamas can fully grasp.

However, internally, I missed wearing one. So now my youngest is three, and I get my freedom back. Well, almost! But I can certainly treat myself to a watch.

With that said, I do have some requirements, other than an eco-friendly watch, I am a huge HUGE green fan. Almost my entire wardrobe and travel accessories are army green or shades close to it. So finding a watch that works with my tastes and styles isn’t too easy to find.

Sprout Eco-Friendly Watches

After A LOT of searching, I arrived at Sprout Watches. Immediately I was excited. Everything about this company screamed my name, and once I came upon this beauty of a watch, I was sold!

sprout eco friendly watch on a wrist

First and foremost, it matches 90% of what I own. It’s all eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

Fun Features of Sprout Eco-Friendly Watch:

  • Organic Cotton wristband
  • Natural Bamboo Dial
  • Free Battery
  • Biodegradable Corn Resin
  • Conflict-Free Diamonds (my watch doesn’t have this, but their other cool ones do)
    • Lead-Free Mineral Crystal

Take On The Sprout Watch

The watch is small and simple, which is what I prefer. I’m not a bling bling kind of girl.

I also loved the presentation of the watch. It comes on a tiny organic cotton pillow.

sprout watches in a box

I love the mission of Sprout, which focuses on leaving the least impact on Mother Nature with using the most unique materials and elements. I am a big fan of creativity and this company definitely does it right.

sprout watch on a wrist

It’s not waterproof or resistant, which I would have liked, especially when I am bathing the kids. But my oldest, who’s more cautious than I am, reminds me every time to take it off. So my job at the end is to not forget where I took it off.

Where to Find and Buy Sprout Watches

I found everything super easy directly from their website: Sprout Watches. Once you find what you like, just click and buy.

Their customer service was fast and efficient and I received my watch within two days of purchase!

You can discover more great eco-friendly products at ecoripples. The organization is dedicated to sharing information about socially responsible brands and eco-friendly products.

So becoming eco friendly isn’t only easy it’s fun and stylish!

Eco Friendly Watch – Sprout Watch


Last Updated on May 11, 2022

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