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A Healthy Way to Keep Skin Protected from the Sun

While slathering on a heavy sunscreen on my kids as they moan and groan that they hate the white stuff on their face, a friend of mine pulls out a spray bottle and within a few quick sprays her kids run off sun protected and even more miraculously – happy. Something had to change with my situation and fast.

So I asked my friend what magic potion was she using and she showed me her bottle of Coola sun spray. I was immediately sold.

Coola develops skincare products with a formula that is as healthy as it can for your skin while it protects it from the sun. Among their Sunscreen line they have the Coola SPF Sprays. Their formula is water resistant, infused with anti aging agents and most of the ingredients used in them are organic.

coola sunscreen review

My Take on It

Where has this been all my life? It’s so SO easy to use. Healthy. Doesn’t leave any heavy residue that cream sunscreens do. And it takes seconds to spray on and you are done.

We have tried many sun blocks and sprays, but this one is the best that has ever entered my life by far.

eco friendly sunscreen

Contact and Information for Coola

Coola isn’t only sun protection. They actually have a huge selection of healthy, organic, anti-aging products that you need to check out for yourself on their website. A lot of the products have won awards worldwide, as well.

Plus, if you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter you can get all the juicy details about their newest products and sales.

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