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Two Options for Sport Fishing in Palm Beach Florida

Because of the unique conditions of the territory where South Florida is located, the intracoastal water ways are much more than a beautiful place to enjoy the sun and relax. They are also a place rich in marine life due to the natural and artificial coral reefs of the area. That’s why sport Since it is a well-known fact that fishing has many health benefits, this activity in Palm Beach has become really popular.

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2 Palm Beach Sport fishing Options:

sport Fishing in Palm Beach

Blue Heron Fishing

The people from this company offer 3 different boats with a restrooms seating area and an area that can be used for catering if needed. They also offer the option of taking you to two different locations, your choice! The areas they use for fishing in Palm Beach are around the Jupiter Inlets, or around the waterways next to Palm Beach.

The fishing you do with them will take place between ¼ and 3 miles from shore. The most common catches are: Kingfish, Snapper, Grouper, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Cobia, Barracuda, Sharks, False Albacore, and Wahoo. The half-day fishing tours include equipment and license. They are also more than happy to book a private group or family trips.

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Sailfish Marina Resort

This is a resort that among other things offers lodging, a restaurant, sightseeing tours, cruising, water taxi and most importantly, private sport fishing in South Florida. The Marina is located on the Intracoastal Waterways of Florida. Their vessels range from 27′ to 65′ and fully equipped.

They only take groups of up to 6 people, catch and release is also a practice they encourage among their customers, and reservations are highly recommended.

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So dare to come with your friends, partner, or family for a half-day fishing adventure in the Intracoastal waterways of Florida. You won’t regret it!

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