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Enjoy Britain like the British: 5 British Things to Do When you Visit the UK

You’ve got your ticket and, whether you’re visiting Britain for the first time or back again to one of your favourite destinations, it’s going to be a great holiday. You want to make the most of every moment and get … Continue reading

How to Plan a Family Trip – Long Term

You’ve been working hard all year and now you’re ready to let go and get in vacation mode. However, the larger the vacation, the more planning needed to ensure there are no unexpected glitches along the way. The last thing … Continue reading

4 Things You Should Know About Visiting East Elmhurst – New York Travel

East Elmhurst is located north of Corona and Jackson Heights in Queens, N.Y. It’s a culturally diverse middle class neighborhood that includes La Guardia Airport. Flushing Bay rounds out its border to the east and north. This seemingly quiet borough … Continue reading

Italy Travel – Visiting The Valley of Temples in Sicily

The Valley of the temples in Sicily is one of the most important archeological sites in the world and a Unesco world heritage site since 1998. Certainly an amazing place to visit with your family. Children will love it! It … Continue reading

Central America Road Trip – Navigating Costa Rica’s Charming Roads

The roads in Costa Rica are far from being good, so not a lot of people take the trouble of renting a car while visiting the country. Plus, it can be expensive. However they are missing out on a lot of … Continue reading

Road Trip in Europe – City Hopping by Car from Belgium to Holland

There are tons of transportation options that you can choose from when exploring Europe. But by far one that offers the most freedom and fun has to be by car. I just love having the time to do anything I … Continue reading

4 Offbeat Ideas for Touring Ireland

Ireland is one of the most frequently appearing travel destinations on many folks’ bucket lists. The beauty of the Emerald Isle is undeniable, and there are many fantastic destinations to visit. One of the best things about travelling around Ireland … Continue reading

Adventure Travel – Get Into Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is definitely one of the most insane sports around. It has become very popular in the past few years due to the thrill and extreme nature of it. Just about anyone can learn to kitesurf, from the age of … Continue reading

What Are Hacks to Get Special Offers on All Inclusive Luxury Resorts

All inclusive luxury resorts can easily reduce the stress and strain of a family vacation or even a romantic getaway. All inclusive resorts cover everything from meals to lodging to entertainment and more. A number even include transportation costs to … Continue reading

Off the Beaten Path – Fantastic and Unusual Holiday Options

Going on holiday is the time of year that everybody looks forward to. You may not get many chances to go on holiday so when you do you want to make the most of it. Depending upon the kind of … Continue reading

5 Family Friendly Winter Destinations in Europe

Winter in Europe can be as different as chalk and cheese. In the north, the weather can deliver some serious snowfall complete with cold but truly magical nights. Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean south, you’ll witness long, lingering sunshine and azure … Continue reading

Summer Vacation – Best Water Activities for Vacationers

White water rafting For the more adventuresome, white water rafting can provide the perfect vacation sport. A guided trip can be a great way to spend a day with your family. This activity is usually reserved for older children and … Continue reading

London Travel – Experience Everything London’s West End Has to Offer

London’s West End is an iconic part of the city, known for being the hub of the capital’s entertainment industry. With a lively atmosphere both day and night, you can’t fail to have fun in the West End whether you … Continue reading

Travel to Argentina – The Family-Friendly Guide to Buenos Aires

Popularly referred to as the “Paris of South America”, Buenos Aires is a vibrant, exciting city. It’s famous for its steak, its wine, its cafe scene, and its unparalleled nightlife. Unfortunately, drinking Malbec and dancing tango into the wee hours … Continue reading

Travel with Friends – 5 Ways to Lure Reluctant Friends Overseas

It’s time to call in all the favors your skeptical friends owe you because the trip of a lifetime is just around the corner. Convincing your friends to travel overseas can be difficult, but it is worth the time, effort … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas with Kids

Yes, there’s booze, burlesque, and billions of opportunities to gamble, but if you look past the flashy adult veneer, Las Vegas emerges as an entertainment center with fun for the whole family. Places on and off the Las Vegas Strip … Continue reading

Colombia Travel – 4 Ways to Get the Most out of Its Biodiversity

South America boasts countries with some of the highest biodiversity in the world, but Colombia in particular is astounding for the ease with which travelers can move from one to another. The Rainforest, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and … Continue reading

Discover Hidden Vineyards of Portugal

Wine has been produced in Portugal for centuries, ever since the Romans colonized the territory. It is one of the most important industries for the local economy. Because of the variety in terrain, temperatures and grapes available the country produces … Continue reading

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Riding to the Rescue through Social Media

Occasionally, there is an example of marketing or customer service that transcends a specific industry and truly takes your breath away. Perhaps the best recent example came in the form of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and their unique #happytohelp Twitter … Continue reading

Travel Gear Review – Trunkster Zipperless Luggage

I’m always searching for produts that can make my trips a lot easier and enjoyable, this time I found a curious product on Kickstarter called the Trunkster. It is a piece of lightweight, durable and scratch resistant luggage with a … Continue reading

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