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Spend the weekend on a Yacht Rental in Miami, Florida

Booking a break away is exciting, sitting down on a laptop and loading multiple websites, deciding where to go and what you would like to do. You’ll be asking yourself plenty of questions – do you want a city break or a beach break? What’s the weather like where you plan to go? Do you want to try something different instead of your standard breakaway? Of course, you do! And this is where a yacht rentals Miami come into play. Yacht rentals in Miami are a great way to explore the island in your own time. They offer plenty of privacy, are extremely flexible and don’t cost as much as you would imagine. Yacht rentals in Miami are great way to explore the island in your own time.Here are 3 benefits to spend weekend on a Yacht Rental in Miami.

Yacht Rental in Miami

Luxury Of Privacy 

When visiting Miami, many people will opt for a luxury hotel stay in order to get some privacy. To some extent, yes, these hotels will offer more privacy than hotels classed in a lower category (e.g. 4 stars). That said, these hotels still hold 100’s of guests and will most likely have shared spaces where you will engage with or bump into other people, for example, the pools or the on-site restaurants. 

By opting for a Yacht Rental in Miami, you will have the ultimate privacy. The yachts will only be hired for you and your guests, with plenty of space for you to lounge around in. You can simply relax and enjoy a glass of wine, whilst basking in the sun, taking in the beautiful views of the city or seascape. A yacht offers the ultimate privacy where you won’t be bothered by others around you. 


Yacht hires can be very flexible, instead of simply spending a whole week in a hotel, you could split your break-away up. Why not spend 4 nights in a hotel, then the other 3 nights in a yacht that you have hired, or vice versa? With most yacht companies, guests can rent boats for a few hours, a day, a week, or longer. It’s down to you to decide how long you would like to enjoy the calmness of the sea for. 

A yacht rental gives you a lot of freedom. When you stay in a hotel, you can’t move to another location, you simply stay in that one place. By staying on a yacht, you can move around more freely, finding destinations like beaches more easily. Perfect when flexibility is something you’re looking for during your vacation.

Yacht Rentals are affordable  

The price of a yacht rental in Miami varies depending on the type of yacht you require. You can choose from anything such as catamarans, sailboats, motorboats, yachts, motor yachts, and more. With so much to choose from, this allows for competitive pricing, meaning it is more affordable than you may have thought. In fact, in some instances, it can be cheaper to hire a yacht in Miami for a week than it would be to stay in a hotel for the week. 

Have you opted for a yacht rental in Miami before? Did you enjoy your rental and would you do it again? Have you got any advice on hiring a yacht in Miami? Let us know in the comment box below.  

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