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7 Cool Things in Barcelona Everyone Should Know

Barcelona, apart from being home to one of the best football clubs in the world, is also Spain’s most attractive city. Its pristine historical past, coastal location on the Iberian Peninsula, its friendly locals, and gastronomic delights all culminate into the city being one of the most visited in Spain. You’ll have probably heard about the eccentricity of Barcelona, but here are some ways you could make your visit to the brilliant place worthwhile. We bring you seven cool things to do when in town.

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Spain Travel - 7 Cool Things to Do in Barcelona

  1. Love History? StayonA Sunday 

Sundays are the best time to visit Barcelona’s many museums. The city, which has a hefty entrance price for its museums as well as a very enthusiastic crowd during the first six days of the week, offers cheaper tickets on Sundays. 

  1. Stay During A Festival

Spanish festivals are to die for. Whether it is the famous Fiesta del Barceloneta in June or the various other colorful events that the locals indulge in, there is no better time to visit this place than during the festivities. You would get to interact and know the locals better and all that while having loads of fun! 

  1. See Barcelona At Tibidabo

The best place to see Barcelona is from the Tibidabo. Here, you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire settlement, right up to the sea. When it comes, to getting around though, you could do it on a hired bike in a short span of time. Three days is the least you could spend here. Here’s what to do in Barcelona for 3 days. 

  1. Go to Camp Nou 

Camp Nou is the football stadium, home to Team FC Barcelona. If you’re a football fan or a fanatic, this is a must-visit. Even if you’re not there’s no harm in taking a nice look around – an unforgettable experience it shall be. When outside Camp Nou, the several shops selling copies of Messi’s jerseys will serve to remind you of the place. 

  1. Go Bar Hopping In El Raval

El Raval is where the Spanish go to chill. Here, you can enjoy your glass of chilled beer while you spend a good time with the locals or fellow travelers! It has been dubbed Barcelona’s Chinatown and is located very near to the port. Do pay this place a visit for a truly Spanish experience. 

  1. Try Seafood!

Barcelona lies on the coast, and its beaches run directly into the brilliant, fresh waters of the Mediterranean. You can try the local seafood here because the place being on the coast is always flooded with a constant fresh supply of the very best sea-based delicacies. Try Spain’s famous seafood paella. If you have your own cooking facilities, you could experiment with the cooking. If you don’t like seafood, Barcelona won’t disappoint you. Pay a visit to the famous Mercat La Boqueria for fresh Mexican food and other culinary delights that you shall treasure for a very long time after.  

  1. InandAround Gracia 

If in Barcelona, do pay a visit to Gracia. This is a collection of districts within the city, with a number of notable squares and parks that you must never miss out on. The place gets even better and livelier during the festivals. The Gaudi designed Park Guell and Casa Vicens are stunning sights that all tourists compulsorily visit. After all, if you’re here on tour, you cannot go away without seeing the best of Barcelona. 

Barcelona is a truly stunning place and the Barcelona Metro is on point!. Whether you’re a football fan or a history buff, foodie or a (let’s keep it classy) beverage-taster, Barcelona can serve you the experience of your dreams. Fly in through El-Prat Airport, or take a train from everywhere in Europe to get here. When you’re in, there’s little to regret – you may regret not getting to see everything. This is truly the city of dreams.

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