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Southeast Asia Travel: 5 Bucket List Items You Shouldn’t Miss

If there’s one thing you should experience is southeast Asia travel. But what should you do? Here are 5 bucket list items you should never miss.Recently, Southeast Asia travel saw a 10 percent increase in travel, the largest increase in tourism worldwide.If there’s one thing you should experience is southeast Asia travel. But what should you do? Here are 5 bucket items you should never miss.

Southeast Asia Travel

That’s a big deal for a relatively small cluster of island nations.

This region floats right around the intersection of geological plates with some of the most stunning hiking, sightseeing, and animal spotting opportunities in the world.

Whether you’re a lone wolf looking for adventure or trying to take the family on a memorable vacation, this is a destination to consider.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best places to travel in Southeast Asia.

1. Catch the Blue Fire in Indonesian Volcanoes

When researching where to go in Southeast Asia, keep in mind that it rests in the middle of an intersection of geological plates. This means that seismic and volcanic activity galore.

To say that Southeast Asia travel is “fire” is actually more than just some weak slang. Indonesia has a vast concentration of volcanoes that you can hike with gorgeous and fiery views.

In particular, don’t miss out on Kawah Ijen. It spits electric-blue flames at night due to its high concentration of burning sulfur.

It’s deadly and breathtaking at the same time.

2. Go Hike the Hills of Sapa, Vietnam

Always make sure to research packing and travel ideas before heading out of your comfort zone or home. This is definitely going to be true if you’re planning on going off the beaten path and exploring some hills and villages in Sapa, Vietnam.

With trace amounts of French culture mixed in from the early 20th Century, this is a gorgeous and diverse landscape.

Just make sure you have plenty of water bottles handy because you’ll be walking a lot.

3. Marvel at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This one is a no-brainer for almost anyone even slightly familiar with Southeast Asian travel spots.

The intricate ancient architecture of this temple complex shouldn’t be missed by anyone ever.

The complex is 400-square kilometers of incredibly detailed structures, statues, and more. You could spend days analyzing every minute aspect of this place.

4. Shop, Be Entertained, and Live to the Fullest in Singapore

While many of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia are more natural, including jungles, beaches, and historical landmarks, some of it is more modern.

Singapore, in particular, is the most current and modern of countries in this region.

If you want to experience big-city living, but simply not in the western world, hit up Singapore for some high-life pampering.

5. Sail a Boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam is getting a double bill on this list.

If you’re not hiking the hills of Sapa, you better check out the natural cove of Halong Bay.

The cove consists of 2,000 islands that are densely lush with vegetation and animals, including a plethora of monkeys and birds. Grab a sailboat and coast through them all!

Get the Most out of Southeast Asia Travel

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Southeast Asia is growing in tourism. In fact, they’ve grown in tourism more than anywhere else in the world ever has.

There’s a good reason for that. Southeast Asia travel is filled with lush natural scenery, animal sightings, perfect beaches, and important historical architecture.

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