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Discovery for Kids – Science Museum in Florida

Science Museums are probably the most fun and educational places to visit with your kids of all ages.

When we visited my folks, who live in West Palm Beach in Florida, I always look for fun activities with my kids, more for my own stimulation than theirs. Since they have more than enough to do in my parents gated community. To say the least, I was thrilled when we arrived to South Florida Science Museum!

Science Museum in Florida

The place it self is quite small and compact which is just right for kids not to get bored.

What to do at a Science Museum in Florida: 


Plus, they have a small observatory which can take on the role of a movie theater to show a pseudo IMAX style documentary.  When we were visiting it was about ANTS, which was pretty damn fun even for my baby who was 1.5 at the time. Reclined backwards, those ants are bigger than life!

children museum florida

The exhibits are ever changing, and always interactive.

south florida museum

How about some Dinosaur Action?

Or just plain silliness and fun!

When visiting West Palm Beach or Palm Beach Florida with kids, I soo highly recommend taking a few hours out of your day to stimulate everyone’s mind and learn something new!

Science Museum in Florida – Museum for Kids



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