Surfing in South Africa: Top 10 Best Spots You Should Try

Have you ever been Cape Town? If not you must give it a try just to explore one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Cape Town is a place where you can go solo, with your partner, or with the whole family. The fun of the place is the same in all conditions.

The best part is that the place is surrounded by beautiful coasts you can explore. Eight of the top beaches to visit in South Africa for fun surfing session. Find information about top surfing spots in South Africa.

Are you an avid surfer? Want to try crazy things for a change? Then there is nothing better than planning a tour in Cape Town. 

Top Surfing Spots in South Africa

I found South Africa’s Coast as one of the most beautiful beach destinations while exploring Cape town. It stretches along the coastlines of Eastern Cape province. And just like its name implies, this strip of coastline which extends from the Great Kei River in the south to the Mtamvuna River in the north is a crazy, untamed wilderness!

The Coast provides amazing views of jagged cliffs, dramatic coastlines, wild beaches, sheltered bays, and rolling valleys and hills.  

Top Surfing Spots in South Africa

1. Shark Point 

It might be difficult to get into, but this spot offers great waves you will love. In a bay sheltered by cliffs, Shark Point is on the south side and provides great swell at 4 to 6 feet high and light to moderate westerlies.

2. Lwandile

This spot has the potential to be a world-class surfing spot and some surfers who visited this area even called it the “best wave in the whole wide world”. 

Lwandile point works best during the early morning of the winter months, where high-performance waves throw some big barrels at particular sections. You need to be wary and keep your eyes of sharks since it is close to a river.

3. Presley’s Bay

This little gem from the Coast has nothing to do with the famous Elvis Presley, however, it is home to some of the rocking surf points. It provides a clean, left break that pounds off the northern rocks. Waves, however, are generally closed out.

This spot is quite famous for backpacking individuals, however, it should suit surfers just fine!

4. Coffee Bay Point

Among the most popular name on South Africa’s Coast, Coffee Bay Point may not always have a consistently good swell, however, makes up for its beauty so surfers will have no trouble in relaxing here on “no surfing” days.

It is more known to be a backpacking spot than a surfing spot, however, there is a surf culture here which also makes it suitable for surfers to visit and learn stuff.

5. Mdumbi

Popular for traveling surfers and best surfed during the winter months, Mdumbi has fairly intermediate waves which makes it an ideal place to learn surfing.

6. Whale Rock

Just a neighboring spot to Mdumbi, Whale Rock is not a surfing spot for beginners. The wild and pounding swells will make a “heart-in-your-throat” take off over rocky and shallow sections. The rewarding experience is worth the challenge, however, be careful not to be splattered all over the reef. 

7. Breezy Point

Breezy Point has the best wave on the entire South African Coast. However, you can’t just throw yourself in the water since it is more famous for shark attacks than most of the other surfing spots combined, especially when Sardine run is happening in mid-winter or the rivers are flooded during summer, making it a high-risk surf spot.  

Unfortunately, it is the only spot on South Africa’s Wild Coast, much to most surfer’s drooling dissatisfaction is most probably not a great place to surf without risking your life. 

8. Yellowsands

Yellowsands is an exposed point that runs out just south of the Kwelera River and is among the top rated surf spots on the Wild Coast, thanks to its perfect right-hand break. The breaks here are more consistent, with hollows right and left, depending on the sand. 

Moreover, the beach also handles strong southeast winds. To have a great surfing experience, the point needs a long period of southeast or south groundswells, light northwest winds, and pushing high tides.  

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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