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Some Unusual Travel Accessories You’d Fancy On A Camping Trip

Travel accessories are small items that can improve your holiday experience. While some things are more popular than others, you will realize that there are other less common items you will love when you are away from home. Keep on reading to discover some unusual travel accessories you would fancy on a camping trip

There is some “unusual” camping gear I’m avoiding, like an electrical generator because it’s not for everyone, many of you like to camp in a classic way. But If you want to level up your camping style, you should consider getting an electrical generator for camping, I wrote a post on how to choose the right one for you, you should read it!

Travel Packing Cubes

When you visit a place with a hot climate, you will need something to cool yourself down and refresh your body. Travel Packing Cubes ensure you have a constant supply of ice blocks throughout your entire trip. These accessories are good for organizing your suitcases, and they are easy to pack. They are perfect for business travel, cruises, and activities like backpacking, and hiking. These items can retain temperature over a long period which means you can enjoy your ice cubes everywhere you go. 

Smoking Pipe Accessories 

If you love vaping or smoking, you must have the right accessories that you can conveniently use when camping. The often infamous Puffco Peak is a crucial item that can be ready to smoke within 20 seconds. It is simple to use, and it comes with different temperature settings to choose from depending on your preferences. The device also allows the user to add different flavors for a little variation. It also has a water filtration system and is therefore multifunctional and quite valuable. 


Melatonin is a hormone that determines our sleep and wake patterns. It is produced in the brain, but there are also supplements you can get that will serve the same purpose. If you travel across different continents, your sleep cycle is often disrupted, and it can be difficult for you to adjust to time zones in new places. Therefore, you can consider melatonin supplements when you go on a camping trip. After a hectic day, it’s important that you enjoy quality sleep, and this product can help you achieve that.  


A padlock is something that is often overlooked by many travelers. However, you will realize its usefulness when you need it but cannot get it. When you check in a hotel or any other place, you may need to add a layer of protection to your baggage, and only then will you realize just how important taking a padlock on your travels is.     

Dry Bag 

When you are out camping, there are valuable things such as electronics and documents you want to protect from rain, dirt, and dust. Whether you visit a beach, do some boating, kayaking, or snorkeling, you will need a portable waterproof backpack that you can use to carry your travel gadgets for various outdoor activities. The dry bag is a useful item you should have, especially when you are backpacking. 

Camping can be very exciting, especially when you choose the right destination and carry all the necessary accessories to use for different purposes. Choosing the items to pack for your trip can be challenging since you cannot carry everything. In this article, we have discussed some of the unusual travel items that many people would fancy when they are out camping.

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