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Places You Can Visit in Solola, Guatemala

Solola Guatemala is a department where you can find the famous Atitlan Lake, The Pan-American Highway goes across this department. Even before the highways were built, and the Spaniards arrived, Sololá was a major trading post for the Mayas. It connected various coastal, lake, and communities from the highlands of Guatemala.

solola guatemala

To this day, you can find in Sololá, on Tuesday and Friday are some of the largest markets in Guatemala. The markets are anything but the typical tourist haunt, and are primarily for buying and selling among the various highland communities. However, you can find excellent textile products and some arts and crafts here.

Sololá is one of the few places in Guatemala where the men still wear the elaborate traditional garb, with shirts featuring intricate embroidery over multicolored cloth; the cut of the shirt looks like something out of the American Old West.

Places to visit in Solola, Guatemala:

* Panajachel
* San Pedro la Laguna
* San Marcos la Laguna
* Santiago Atitlan
* Iximche
* Atitlan Lake

This is one of the most visited departments in the country. It is for a good reason, here, you will find what is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Atitlan Lake in Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes and small towns where the modern Maya live.

Solola Guatemala – Places You can Visit in It


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