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Solo Woman Travel Tips While Traveling To Oban

Traveling solo as a woman is not a piece of cakewalk and raises a lot of security issues. Though we are not being gender-biased, traveling solo as a woman is not as easy as it is for a man. 

Hence, women who happen to travel solo for some reason or exploration purposes should always be cautious and have a sound mind to stay secure while being out of town. 

So here we list down a few tips that women should essentially follow while they are out to travel in solitaire:

Pick up a suitable hotel

There might be many enticing hotels that you may come across, but do not fall trap into any such false deal. Do your homework before you make a hotel booking. You can consider going in for Oban hotel break deals and pick on a secure hotel where you can feel safe during your solo staycation. 

Read out reviews, search for safety aspects of the location and accordingly make an informed decision because your safe survival depends a lot on the place you choose for a stay.

Practice safety protocols

As soon as you get inside the room after a long day sightseeing trip, do not simply rush to your room to drop down on your comfy bed and fall asleep. Once you enter the room, make sure that you lock the doors and windows, check out for any other outlets and lock the same before falling into a deep slumber. 

Also, when you hear a knock at your door, do not simply be in a hush-hush to open the door; peep out through the peephole and then only open the door.

Be watchful about your luggage

Make sure that you always have an eye on your luggage until you complete the check-in process. There may be people around you who may be watching you and may make use of faulty ways to tamper your luggage. 

And, thus keep distractions at bay, monitor your luggage, and do not leave it unattended, whatever the case may be. 

A quick inspection

Before checking into a room, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly to ensure that all the doors and windows are encompassed with a proper locking system, and you do not have to spend a hard time locking and unlocking it. 

Also, investigate the washroom if it has well-latched doors and has no peep-in windows.

Do not let your room number be revealed openly

The last thing that you would want while on a solo trip is to reveal your room number to the world. There may be guys hanging around who may simply check you out. 

So before the receptionist hands over your room keys saying the room number aloud, ask him/her to write it down or hand it over in silence.


Being a woman and traveling solo poses many challenges in front of you but overcoming them depends a lot on staying alert and sane while traveling. So follow the above-mentioned tips while you step out solo without caring about how the world judges you.

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