Solo Travel VS Group Travel: Pros and Cons To Choose The Best

When it comes to traveling, we all have different things that we’re looking for. For some, it’s about meeting and touring new places with like-minded people. The thought of eating alone in a restaurant probably terrifies some travelers — but, for others, it’s all about getting away from their daily routine.

Others still are looking for both culture and company, or even just a place where they can be truly alone and let loose. Let’s look at the pros and cons of solo travel vs group travel.

Solo Versus Group Travel

Solo Travel VS Group Travel

Solo travel, as the name suggests involves traveling alone at your own pace, while group travel involves traveling with friends, family, or in groups arranged by a travel agency. Traveling solo and traveling in a group each has its pros and cons. Traveling improves our perspectives and experiences of the world around us. We all have different things we are looking for on our adventure; some people want to get away from their daily life and routine, and others want culture and to be with others like them.

Many people, however, simply want to find a place where they can truly let go and be themselves. The adventure doesn’t have to be traveling from place to place; it can be found in a new city or even in the person sitting next to you on an airplane or train.

Everyone looks for a different experience when they travel so traveling solo and traveling in a group each have their pros and cons.Related Read: Benefits Of Solo Travel

Solo Traveling


  • The world is your oyster

You get to set the pace at which you want to travel and decide the budget and places you want to see and stay at. The world becomes your oyster and you get to decide which places catch your fancy and which sights bore you to death. You are the one calling all the shots, and if you are like me who likes waking up late, you won’t have to wake up when it’s still dark outside.

  • Great chance at self-discovery

You get to discover yourself. It might sound like a cliché at first used in a million movies and soppy self-help books. But everything about this statement is true. Solo traveling is a great way to discover yourself and become at peace with yourself.

Solo traveling tests help you reflect on your life and see yourself in a new light. You get to test your strengths and overcome your weaknesses while traveling solo. Your planning, finances, punctuality, and ability to handle pressure are all put to the test.

  • Befriend other solo travelers

You end up meeting cool and interesting people during your solo adventures. Meeting other travelers thus becomes a huge part of the appeal of traveling alone for some people. Many single travelers seem to end up in the same places, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet individuals who share your passions.

You can accompany them for some fun conversations to not become a complete loner, then go back to your room.


  • You might feel lonely

If you’re an extrovert who hates the idea of being alone, solo travel can be challenging. You might start overthinking and get anxious about the idea of traveling. You might start feeling homesick, and traveling might start feeling more like a chore than an adventure.

There will be many days where you will spend all day alone and return to your hotel room and sleep alone. So be aware.

  • Safety can be a challenge

Safety becomes a concern when traveling alone. Independent travelers are more likely to be the victims of muggings, pickpocketing, attacks, and other crimes since they seem to appear more defenseless. Getting hurt, sick, and lost are all scary situations that no one wants to experience.

That’s where the monitoring apps come in handy. XNSPY is one such app that has a geolocation tracking feature which makes it a great option. The app’s remote tracking option allows users to view the real-time location of their loved ones.

So if you are on a solo adventure through the lush fields of Dover or the deep mountains of Iceland, it is to become lost while taking in the beautiful view. Your loved ones can utilize the XNSPY’s cell phone tracker without installing it on the target phone and know your exact location.

They will also be able to track your location history in all of the places and check the time and date stamps for each location remotely. This tracking app for smartphones can be a lifesaver when you are in a remote area and feel your safety may be in danger.

Group Travel


  • Group Travel is Cheaper

Traveling in a group can be economical as most agencies design special discounts for group trips. Most tourist resorts and hotels offer special discounts as part of a large traveling group. Even basic things like sharing a room become cheaper. Not to mention you get to split the bill when you order the local delicacies.

  • You have someone to share the experience with

When you travel with other people, you always have someone to share your good times with. For many people, this is the most enjoyable aspect of traveling. There is always someone to keep you occupied in activities. You get to share a hearty laugh, exchange tales, and create new memories.

Do you need someone to photograph you in front of a monument? Or perhaps you need someone to assist you in translating the menu? Or someone to hold your phone and wallet while you take a dip in the lake. These are just a few of the advantages of traveling with great company.

  • It’s safer to travel as a group.

You feel safe when traveling together as a group. It’s not just a psychological relief but a fact. You are less likely to become a victim of mugging or pickpocketing when you’re not traveling alone.


  • No alone time

You might not get much alone time when you travel in a group. It becomes quite an uncomfortable situation if you are someone like me who likes their privacy. You might get nagged into joining the group for a game of beach volleyball or a strenuous hike when you only want to chill by the hotel pool.

  • You might not get along with everyone

If you don’t get along with someone in the group, traveling with them won’t make you best friends overnight. Everyone involved may feel awkward and uncomfortable as a result. You have to travel to know someone. And this can be both good and bad. 

  • Clash of interests

Not everyone shares the same interests and passions. It is true when in a group as well. Having to force yourself to partake in group activities can be tiresome. Your pals want to visit the local museum, but you prefer to see the ocean view next to the cliffs. It can be challenging in a group, and both parties need to compromise. 

Traveling can be a joyous experience and be enjoyed as a group or as a solo mission. You need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each before you pack your bags. This guide can be essential when planning your next vacation and should please both the lone wolf and group travelers.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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    1. Daryl,

      When I was solo traveling, that’s how I met my husband, which gave me liberty to stay longer in a place to develop our relationship

  1. Traveling solo seems to be fun and challenging. This can turn your life to endless fun, excitement, and extraordinary pleasure… I would love to travel solo…

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