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Solo Travel Tips – 4 Must Pack Items When Traveling Alone

For me, traveling solo gives a sense of freedom that cannot be achieved elsewhere. There are no group decisions on the itinerary or the places you will be visiting, no arguments and no falling out, just you and wherever you want to end up. Now the sense of freedom is all well and good but being on your own does come with a few drawbacks like if you forget something there is nobody you can ask to borrow off from it is important to pack everything you will need, plus a few extras just in case. Let us help you get started with these 4 handpicked solo travel essentials will see you traveling safely!Four Must Pack Items When Traveling Alone.They should always be included in your packing list.Take a look at this list of Must Pack Items.

Pack Items When Traveling Alone

4 Must Pack Items When Traveling Alone

Filtered Water Bottle

I always carry a water bottle with me to stay hydrated, but by having my own I can also cut down on plastic waste. I found when traveling it really pays dividends to have a filtering water bottle as that means you can top up your water supply anywhere without the worry of any unwanted bacteria ruining part of your journey.

Mobile Phone/Charger/Adapter

Modern smartphones are packed full of apps and features which means you essentially have multiple devices in one. I recall a trip I took some years ago and I needed a camera plus tripod lenses and bags, a laptop and charger, a notepad and pen, mp3 player, and I still didn’t have half the things that you find on a modern smartphone. This has made traveling light a breeze as you really have it all at your fingertips! Make sure you remember to pack your charger and an adapter though, as relying on one device can prove disastrous if you run out of battery. I always travel with a charging case and a multi adapter so no matter where I visit, I know I can recharge my device and have a backup which doubles as protection.


By ensuring you have some waterproof clothes and footwear you are halfway there, honestly, I got caught out once and there is no quicker way to ruin a trip than being soaking wet with no change of clothes in an. I will always pack something functional and something comfortable and I make sure I always travel with a personalised hoodie from Banana Moon Clothing that I got as part of a group trip I took a few years back, this hoodie holds a lot of memories so I make sure when doing something memorable it’s with me.

Travel Pillow

Now this is a must have, if you know, you know. I have spent a good amount of time traveling on trains, coaches and planes and no matter the extents you go to you will never find true comfort and no item of clothing will ever come close to resembling a pillow. I now carry a travel pillow on any journey I go on to make sure I can get some rest and recharge my batteries on the go, ensuring I am at the top of my game when traveling and taking in new surroundings and cultures.

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