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First Time Camping Solo? Don’t Make These Mistakes – Tips

Solo traveling has really picked up its pace as a traveling trend, and all for the right reasons. Traveling solo gives you the opportunity and freedom to explore more, at your own pace, and enjoy all that is around you in quiet and peace. Taking your first solo camping trip can be a challenge, but also one of the best things that you could do for yourself. Five things to do or not to do during your first time camping experience alone. Here, you will learn about the top first-time camping tips.

A solo camping trip will give you the confidence to do things on your own, the ability to face and overcome challenges, and it will also push you to think out of the box for solutions to problems that you face.

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First Time Camping

However, all the glamour of a solo camping trip needs to be kept aside to throw some light on the mistakes that first-time solo campers make so that you can learn and not repeat them.

First Time Camping Solo Mistakes to Avoid

1. Going Too Far and Isolated

This is one of the most common mistakes that first-time campers make when going on their solo camping trip. Don’t choose a camping site too far and isolated from your home and city. It will be a big cause of trouble for you in case of an emergency. Choose a site that’s closer to home and popular among campers so that you’re not the only one there. This is important so that you are not stuck out there in case you face any serious emergency or problem. Being closer to home will also help you get back to your place quickly in case of any trouble.

2. Not Keeping Someone Informed

This mistake combined with the first one is a recipe for being lost and not found. If you do not inform anyone of your whereabouts and just drive off to your camping site, you will not be able to receive any help in case of an emergency, neither will your family members nor friends be able to tell you in case of their emergencies. It’s important that you keep at least two close friends or family members informed at all times.

3. Not Carrying Camping Tools For Emergencies

Most of us think that we won’t be caught in an emergency, but there’s always that 1% chance that even when everything else is going smooth, you could have an emergency that you weren’t prepared for. Pack all essentials for your camping trip. For example, even in the heat of summer, there is always a chance of rain, especially in the wilderness, so carry an umbrella.

Other emergency essential items would include knives for camping, flashlights, canned food for emergencies, extra water, an extra pair of clothes, first aid kit with all medical essentials. Even if you’re going for a day of camping, do not assume that a single day will not have any emergencies. Be prepared for anything and everything.

4. Not Trying Your Equipment Before Leaving

This is a mistake that almost all campers make. Not trying to pitch your tent and other camping equipment before going on your camping trip is going to leave you confused when you actually arrive at the camping site. Watching YouTube videos and reading instruction manuals is not enough to learn how to pitch a tent and use your camping equipment.

Practice using it at least twice before you go, so that you don’t waste your limited camping time on trying to figure out what part of a tent goes where and how.

5. Don’t Keep Food and Garbage Accessible

First time campers might forget this even if they have read about it because this is something that comes from experience. Do not leave your food and garbage accessible for the nocturnal beings that are going to come out at night. In fact, do not keep any food on you as well. Find a way to store your food properly while camping.

Bear attacks are quite common at campsites, so it’s always better to keep your food in a bag and hang it from a tree far away but accessible from your campsite. It should be hung at a decent height so that the bear cannot reach it.


These are a few of the common mistakes that first-time solo campers make and it’s important to avoid them. Make sure you take note of all of these things so that you don’t have to learn from these mistakes by actually making them.


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