7 Tips For a Solo Beach Vacation That Will Surprise You

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Spending alone time on a sunny beach is so therapeutic. It is a perfect way to clear out your thoughts for a while and take a quiet moment. While most people love to go to the beach with friends, some prefer to go solo.

There are reasons why an individual wants to travel alone. It gives a person a sense of independence to enjoy things even if no one is around. Going to the beach alone might also be a breather for some.

However, traveling solo is not that easy. You need to prepare a lot of things. Taking photos of every moment can be impossible but there are tools you can use. Another struggle is no one will watch over your important stuff when you do watersports. These are the facts that you should consider if you really want to travel alone. 

In this post, you will learn useful tips to make your solo beach travel more memorable. Read on before booking a beach trip so as not to miss out on anything. 

Tips for Going to the Beach Alone

The following pieces of advice would guarantee you the best beach solo trip ever. You might ask other solo travelers for some tips to make the most out of it. 

  1. Pamper Yourself 

Perhaps this is the best time to put yourself first. A beach trip is a perfect idea to treat one’s self after facing a tough time for so long. Since you are traveling solo, decide on the activities you will accomplish during the vacation. The advantage is no one can control your decisions but always remember your limits. 

If you are the kind of person who always considers the likes and dislikes of other individuals, a solo journey eliminates that feeling. It is draining to please people and is also good to decide on your own. 

Choose the most suitable travel routes for you. Just enjoy the trip and forget the other things for a while. 

  1. Enjoy Long Walks 

Feeling the sand beneath your feet can relieve stress. Also, walking is a form of exercise that is necessary for your health. Pick the best time to walk on the beach, it could be during the sunrise, sunset, or in between. It is also a great help for meditation with the stunning view when you walk on the shore.

In this way, you can meet new friends which is the most exciting part of going to the beach alone. Some travelers may not follow the tourist map to explore finer areas and that is okay. 

  1. Choose Safe Areas

 It is dangerous to swim alone so better find a spot where most people are. Most beaches put safe signs to ensure no one will get harmed while swimming. There will also be lifeguards around the area that you can trust in case something bad happens.

The point is, that you will never know when accidents occur, and staying with people will keep you safer.  

  1. Make New Friends

Going to the beach alone does not mean you will go home empty-handed. There are beach trip packages that allow solo travelers to join a pack. It is not alright to travel alone all the time, you will need a companion too. Well, you can depart from the group in case you need a solo moment from time to time. 

It is possible to find the right people during the beach trip. You will hear stories and learn from them which is a great thing to remember. 

  1. Read a Good Book 

Taking a break on the beach is also fine with your favorite book to read. Nothing compares to the beach setting while reading a book. It would be so relaxing and can even inspire you to write some thoughts. If you are not fond of reading, watching a series is a good alternative. 

  1. Use Waterproof Bags

Everyone is familiar with waterproof bags for beach travels. This is beneficial for solo travelers who must bring essential stuff most of the time. It is available in different sizes to be suitable for specific beach activities, like boat rides. A smaller bag with a lanyard is necessary to bring your keys every time.  

If you have rented a room, it is advisable to leave your valuables there to prevent possible troubles. Do not also bring multiple stuff to every destination for your comfort. 

  1. Always Apply Sunscreen 

Last but not least, buy quality sunscreen to keep your skin protected from extreme sunlight. The problem is that applying a formula on the back can be difficult to do by yourself. The best remedy is a spray-on sunscreen so that there is no need to ask for help. 

Where To Go? 

Visiting the best beachside hotel in Patong could be the best choice for solo travelers. It has a friendly staff you can rely on during the whole trip. The location of hotel is right on the beachfront, with an active nightlife that you can enjoy.

Each room has to offer optimal comfort with the jacuzzi. The dining services will satisfy your cravings for Italian and other cuisines, and there are also drinks to enjoy. Contact the staff to book a room for your beach solo trip. Related Read: Best Sunny Beaches in the United States

Final Thoughts 

A solo beach trip will never go wrong with the above tips. Now that you have ideas on how to make your travel a lot happier and safer, it is time to look for a perfect spot. Lastly, renting a room for your staycation is vital to keep your belongings safe.

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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