Using Solaga to Find a Vacation Rental in Malaga, Spain

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When traveling, finding where to stay in a new city is always a most perplexing part of the planning. When you know the place it’s easy to figure out which location is ideal. However, when you have no idea where to even begin this can literally do your head in.  That’s why I decided to use Solaga to find a vacation rental in Malaga, Spain!

One thing I was certain of, traveling with kids for an extended period of time would only work well by staying in an apartment. This one fact greatly narrowed my search and options for this trip to Spain.

After a lot of research, reading everything out there on the web, and listening to advise in various Facebook groups, Solaga, which specializes in Malaga vacation rentals, was the bright spot for me. Immediately I knew I wanted to work with them when, Steffen (the owner), was full of advice and understood all my needs for me and my family.

With his help and knowledge of Malaga inside and out, we ended up in a perfect spot – the historic center of Malaga. And for trivia buffs, the same street that Antonio Banderas grew up on.

Finding a Vacation Rental in Malaga With Solaga

Let’s get real, if you’re in a crappy location, it doesn’t matter how magnificent your apartment is.

Here Are 5 Reasons Our Place Was a Hot Find:

1. Central Market and Supermarket – I loooove markets. They are one of the best places to visit, shop at and get great deals. Our apartment was literally half a block away from Atarazanas Central Market.

Atarazanas Central Market, Malaga

The supermarket was another block from there. Anyone traveling with growing boys knows the importance of that convenience. If we weren’t exploring Malaga, we were in one of these two places buying food for them.

2. Historic District – Malaga had a revival about ten years ago. The historic district, which is mainly windy, pedestrian streets that Europe is so well known for was completely redone. Up until then it was an abandoned area but now is full of life with restaurants, stores, cafes, shops and plazas with all sorts of activities going on day and night.

Our apartment was literally in the beginning of this area. The main entrance was on a street with cars, but the back part (where our windows and balconies looked out onto) was the start of it. Super quiet on the inside all hours of the night.

3. Garage – Even though I couldn’t get a good idea of where to stay from all the forums and advice, the thing that everyone reiterated over and over again was that Malaga is a great bouncing spot to many fun places. But you need a car.  So, we rented a car. However, staying in a city with a car can be such a hassle (no matter which part of the world you are traveling to).

Our apartment came with a private spot in a secure underground garage. And it was free. All the other cities we visited after with our car the spot was an extra charge. What a lovely bonus.

4. Play Area – Living in Guatemala we have become strangers to safe mindset and letting our kids go out and play on their own unless we are in a super secure area with guards and gates. Spain allowed us to live the good life of safety and freedom. In other words, we had no problems allowing our boys to play football or on playgrounds on their own.

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Solaga Vacation rental Malaga - playground

One side of our apartment building was a huge plaza, Plaza de Camas, with tons of space to play ball and even a playground. Our balcony looked out on to it, and the boys spent plenty of time playing there while we lounged around in the apartment relaxing.

Solaga Vacation rental Malaga - Plaza de Camas

5. The Apartment – Now that we have all the other elements in place, the apartment was the final ingredient. Kind of like getting a delicious pastry and finding out the inside is full of your favorite cream. The apartment was the fluffy, sweet creamy filling.

Two bedrooms, two baths, living room, dining room, kitchen with a dishwasher and clothes washer, and tons of closet space.

Solaga Vacation rental Malaga - living room

For a family of 3 or 4, this is the perfect spot. Not only were we in the historic district, we were a few minute walk from the beaches and waterfront. And so much more…

Malaga beaches

Video Fun

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