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Snowmobiling – An Adventure Everyone Needs to Experience (at least once)


Snowmobiling – An Adventure Everyone Needs to Experience (at least once)

woman sitting on a snowmobile with two kids her side in utah

Today we’re going to be talking about snowmobiling. Yes, snowmobiling tours are a total must-do. I have done only a snowmobile tour one time, like six or seven years ago in Vermont with me and my husband, and this time around, my sons and I were going to Utah. The trip is supposed to be a climbing trip since my boys climb. Utah is considered to be one of the best bouldering in the United States. However, since I don’t climb, I get Mama days and my Mama day was a snowmobile tour.

Snowmobile Tours

We stayed in Salt Lake City. The majority of the snowmobile tours, I would say actually all of them, are in the mountain region. So I made a reservation, there are quite a few different companies, and they all seem to be pretty good and reputable. It depends on your budget.

Prices and tour time

They all range between $189 for 2 hours to $400 for 4 hours. So that’s another thing that it’s really important to know. They do have tours from 2 hours to 4 hours group tours. You could obviously just rent a snowmobile if you have experience. If you don’t do not rent a snowmobile, you really want to be on a tour because of the terrain, knowing where to go.

Also you want to decide, do you want to go 2 hours or 4 hours? I decided on the 2 hours simply because I thought 2 hours is going to be more than enough. I think that’s fine.

I’ll also be really honest with you, 2 hours was enough. It is a powerful vehicle. I cannot imagine what more you could possibly see after 2 hours, right? If you are a mobile gourmet specialist, that’s one thing. But if you’re just going for the fun of it, I personally think 2 hours filled the need completely.

Kids Can’t Drive

So my sons are eleven and 18. My eleven-year-old was not allowed to drive on his own and now that after we’d done it, I realized why. It’s a really powerful machine. It’s really difficult for such small kids to ride.

So I think up to 16 years old, they do have to sit back and that’s usually $50 extra per person. So you pay for the machine for 2 hours. Plus, you add $50 for that extra person to sit with you. Well, I took two, one for my oldest son, and one for me.

a group of people on the snow with snowmobiles in utah

The operator and the journey

We arrived at this beautiful mountainous operator where we got our snowmobiles. And it was interesting because we came in March, and it was already like it was in the 50s, to 60s and snow melts the weather. But they take you up into the mountains, and it is unbelievable. To be honest with you, this is a must-do tour.  Snowmobiling is just so great.

It was an awesome trip because it takes an hour to get there. Even if you’re staying in park city or any of the skiing villages it’s still a good 45-minute drive to pretty much any of the Outfitters for the snowmobiles because they have their own personal farms that they do it on and so it’s 45 minutes there, 45 minutes back, so it’s the whole adventure. And honestly, 2 hours was more than enough. It’s a hard vehicle. You do get tired after a while.

people on snow jetski


Gratefully we had unbelievable weather, but it is a snowmobile tour, you can get a blizzard, you can get really crappy weather, and they don’t stop they don’t cancel tours for that, and I don’t think you have a chance to cancel yours either. I think they give you 48 hours, so you don’t know if there’s going to be a snowstorm coming through, so just have that.

Gear and Insurance

They do give you some places to rent gear, as in clothes and helmets and goggles and all that. The place that we were at gave it to us for free. It was included.

Also, they ask if you want to pay for insurance for the vehicle. If you have travel insurance, you’re covered. You do not need to pay an extra $20 or $30 per vehicle for this. So there’s no reason for that and if you’re doing a two-hour tour, it is made for beginners. There is nothing crazy, you’re not going to be doing enough to damage your snowmobile.

a guy helping a kid to put his helmet for a snowmobile ride in utah


If you have a chance to do a snowmobile tour anywhere in the world, I’m pretty sure this is how it is everywhere in the world. Go for it, do it. It is pricey. But you know what? You only live once, and you have to make every day an adventure.

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