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Snorkeling Tour on Ambergris Caye, Belize – Photo Essay

Our private tour man awaits us for the snorkel day with fish and sharks.

belize tours snorkeling

We headed to Hol Chan Marine Reserve where some of the best snorkeling near Ambergris Caye can be experienced.

hol chan marine reserve belize

These are my gorgeous captains. I’ll be on boat with them any day.

kid activity private boat tour belize

These were the not-so-friendly fish part of our trip. But what an experience.

sharks of belize

Groupers are the most popular fish in the area and also served at every restaurant, I’m surprised there are any left.

grouper fish hol chan marine reserve

Who wants to swim with a sea turtle?

swimming with turtles caribbean sea belize

Just so gorgeous!

swimming with turtles feeding on sea grass

Love the stingrays here – momma and her child

sting rays in belize

Snorkeling Tour – Ambergris Cayce Belize Photography



2 thoughts on “Snorkeling Tour on Ambergris Caye, Belize – Photo Essay

  1. Heading to Belize for the first time. Hearing lots about bad mosquitos, sand flies, etc. What works best on them. Best places to rent bicycles. What should we definitely see and what should we skip?

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