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Sniff out Safety: Smell Proof Bags That Will Keep You Safe in the City and in the Wild

Have you ever imagined life without a sense of smell? Probably not, unless you have a friend with anosmia. People take this sense quite for granted until they have a cold, then nothing tastes right.But even the keenest nose on earth pales in comparison to an animal’s nose. In fact, if an animal became a human, it would feel as though it had completely lost its sense of smell and smell proof bag.You never know when someone or some animal is going to come sniffing around your stuff. Use these smell proof bag to keep nosy noses out.

On the bright side, this experiment will never happen…

Smell Proof Bags

But people still have smells we try to hide from people or animals. Smell proof bag and marijuana bags now exist which can block out all smells, even from sensitive noses.


You may want to hide the smell of foods for any number of reasons. Maybe you don’t want bears to smell your food while you take a long hiking trip. Or perhaps you would prefer your refrigerator didn’t smell like onions or sardines.

Any number of foods can make your whole refrigerator smell. Using special bags to store things like fish, onions or garlic prevents those smells from getting into other foods.

Further, no one wants to open up a fridge and be bombarded with odors. Use caution though. These bags might let foods spoil inside if you don’t keep a close eye on them.

It is even possible, though most unlikely, that you wish to hide the smell of cannabis by smell proof bag from the public at large. Granted, many states have legalized it for one use or another. But public opinion has yet to change.

How Smell Proof Bag Work

Different bags operate in different ways. Most people know about the use of carbon in water filters to remove smells. Some bags work in much the same way.

Carbon filters are worked into the lining of the bag and absorb smells before they can exit.

Best Smell-Proof Backpacks For Weed.

Other bags boast a thick, plastic-like medical grade material. This material traps odors inside the bag without absorbing them. Because of this, people reuse them and never have to worry about old smells getting into new foods

Some bags even use hemp fibers to trap odors. Hemp resists formations of mold and mildew. Both of which can build cause odors on damp gym clothes.

Many bags also feature special heavy-duty zippers and extra liners. Visit Dabbing pro for more information on odor reducing bags.

Go Stop Some Odors

You may need to only hide the smell of old gym clothes or those extra chopped onions from supper. But you might live life on the edge and wolves are a real problem for you.

No matter what you need to hide the smell of, there’s a smell proof bag out there for you.

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