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Smart Ways to Impress Your Corporate Clients

When you’re working with a corporate client, you may be competing with other businesses in order to obtain a relationship with them. You want to make sure you’re staying ahead of the curb by impressing your corporate client. If you’re looking for some out of the box ideas, Here are a few ways to entice customers to work with your business.Seven tips that will allow you to Impress Your Corporate Clients to make your business grow.Look at this details to Impress Corporate Clients

How to Impress Your Corporate Clients

Impress Your Corporate Clients

Welcome Brochures 

Business cards can say little more than your name, your place of business, and how to contact you. Creating a welcome brochure allows you to include information about your business in the finer details. Make sure it includes points that the client will relate to, and edit it if necessary prior to your meeting. Make it visually appealing, and it will be something that your corporate clients will take with them when they leave. This means they’ll be able to review your services in detail, and recall your conversation better. You might want to include other personalized items as well, such as pens – something that has your company’s name on it will keep you in their minds. Many businesses don’t take this opportunity to engage with their client on this level and you’ll be staying ahead of competitors by using brochures.

Treat Them With A Limo 

Nothing screams higher end professionalism than using a limousine in order to transport your clients. If you’re meeting in a public place and you are getting lunch or dinner while going over their client portfolio, pick them up with a limo. If, perhaps, you’re in Anaheim, a local and with reasonable price limousine service is available, then you may learn more when you click here. If your client is flying in from another area, they’ll appreciate special accommodations such as being transported to their hotel in a limo. This shows the level of respect and care that you show your clients. Being treated special will make your clients feel better about working with you. 

Impress Your Corporate Clients

Do Your Research 

People take pride in their careers, and when you show a personal interest in their daily activities, they will be grateful. Introduce little known facts about their company while you’re talking to them. Use these facts and explain how you will incorporate their uniqueness into your business. If your client is seeking services from multiple other businesses, it helps to show that you’ve created a personalized plan for them. You want to impart that you understand their needs, and that working with you would benefit them. 

Record Their Thoughts 

Note taking can seem like an intimidating process when you are talking to a doctor, but in the case of clients, it shows that you’re actually listening to them. If they speak and you’re taking notes, they will feel you’re taking them seriously. It also means you will be able to repeat back what they said, and this is a tool used in communication in a process called active listening. You won’t forget any important points that your client raised during your meeting, and they might even be surprised at portions of the conversation that you were able to remember. This will also make you understand what their expectations are from you. If they mention anything about what competitors have offered, this will also give you a chance to understand how other businesses are operating within the same market. 

Don’t Make False Promises 

Do not create a false sense of grandeur in what you’re able to provide your customers. While they might be able to overlook a few mistakes, or missed deadlines, they likely won’t keep your services around if you keep making false promises. Make sure you are managing their expectations, and don’t just say yes in order to appease them. Explain why it might be difficult to complete a task they want you to do, and include all of the details. If they’re able to see things from your perspective, they’re less likely to feel slighted and look for other businesses to meet their needs. 

Ask Them About Your Service 

It might sound like asking for trouble, but you should ask clients for feedback on what you were able to do for them. This is impressive because it allows them to communicate how they felt about the situation, and it gives you an idea of areas of improvement. You’ll be able to focus on aspects of your business that may need work, or fine tune your services to meet your client’s needs even better. Open communication between a customer and a business owner are essential, even when you are working with a corporate client. If you find that their opinion was valid let them know how the problem was improved for the future. Remember, your customer is responsible for delivering your paycheck and potentially that of your employees.

Follow Up And Reward Loyalty

Along with asking your corporate client about your service, you should follow up with them and see if they need anything else from you. Some businesses will change insurance companies just because the competitor shows up more often. If you are dealing with a repeat customer offer incentives for them to return, like discounts, or vouchers. The more that you reward loyalty, the more that your client will feel like they have established a healthy business partnership. They are also more likely to convey their experience positively to more potential customers. When you’re dealing with a corporate client you’re operating with an entity that has the potential to bring you far more patrons. 

The biggest thing about impressing a corporate client is making your business seem as personalized to them as possible. You want to address any concerns that they have before they even know they have those concerns. Having special accommodations certainly helps improve the mood that people may have about working with you, too. Make sure you are rewarding loyalty, and providing support after you have delivered your product or service to them. Be open, honest, allow for consistent communication, and you’ll be ready to impress any corporate client you may have. 

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