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Smart Ways in Which Technology is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

The technological revolution that has swept the world in the last two decades is unprecedented. It has produced new industries, obliterated some, and advanced others. One of the industries that has benefited from it is tour and travel. As you order custom paper for your next assignment, it is necessary to inform yourself about the smart ways in which technology is revolutionizing this sector. Stay put to discover more.

Technology is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

Augmented Reality Enhances Engagement
Augmented reality is one of the best things that ever happened to this industry. Using their Apple and Android smartphones, travelers can enjoy highly immersive augmented reality experience. For instance, Departures Switzerland, an app based on the Swiss public transport network, helps travelers in locating their nearest public transport options. Users only need to hold their smartphones in the directions they want to travel to and images of the departures boards are overlaid on their screens in the real world to show them their departure results.

With the development of the technology, hardware developers serving the masses have a wider scope of serving travelers in this sector. As the technology advances and takes deeper roots, it will be possible to take the information that was formerly locked in images, videos, tables, and texts and display it in a more interactive manner that improves user experience. This way, it becomes easier for travel companies to give users a better engagement and the better personalized experiences they are craving.

Technology is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

What is more interesting to a modern travel customer than receiving customized attention and solutions? With modern technologies such as cloud and cognitive computing, it is now possible to personalize offerings and packages based on customer preferences and liking. This way, it is easy for companies to resonate well with their customers and build customer loyalty. For instance, modern technology allows travel companies to target a class of travelers using practical preference details to furnish them with peculiar travel options without dragging them into many searches regarding travel options that don’t interest them. With this kind of approach, the target traveler feels the company has aligned itself to his or her interests and needs.

Smart Solutions for Enhanced Customer Support
Modern travelers and holidaymakers want travel companies to give them personalized suggestions to help them in making booking decisions. By optimizing the information availed to companies via Artificial Intelligence tools, their employees can customize options for individuals based on the information they already have about them.

Another way in which modern technology is transforming the travel industry is through the use of robots. For instance, travel companies are now using robots to enhance customer service, help with translation, handle check-ins, and even serve travelers with food. For example, a certain Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan, is the first hotel in the world to eliminate all human labor and “employ” robots. Every service ranging from the reception, all the way to waiting are done by bots. Even though it is naïve to assume that this kind of approach will make a sudden takeover, it is indicative of the potential that travel companies can harness out of machines and artificial intelligence to boost their service delivery.

Take translation, for instance. Travel firms can harness the power of technology to benefit from seamless translation using translation software. This way, it is easy to forge closer and more impactful interactions between workers and guest to reduce avoidable misunderstanding and improve communication.

Social Media Marketing
The equation of modern technology’s impact on travel is incomplete without the contribution of the social media. In the past analog days, travel agencies used to depend on the conventional media outlets to market themselves. When went outside mainstream media, they depended on glossy industry publications to promote their services. With the advent of the social media, it is now easy for companies to keep in touch with their customers and prospects via social media networks. Here, they can follow them anywhere from the comfort of their homes since mobile technology has made it easy to contact customers anywhere.

Moreover, social media networks allow users travelers to share their experiences with their contacts, inspire one another, and offer valuable insights about tourist destinations for free. Moreover, companies can use these channels to produce genuine content to engage their customers without resorting to hard-ball selling tactics that marked past years. Moreover, the social media allows firms to engage their contacts directly. They can also use these platforms to share opinions and parade genuine customer reviews to build credibility in the eyes of their customers.

Hotel and Flight Search
Flight and hotel searches are twins in tour and travel. With the entry of Google into the world of flight and hotel searches, travelers can enjoy better experiences. With this feature linked to the Google App, users can now search the prices of hotels and flights and use that information to make informed decisions. With this technology, you can enjoy an app or website that knows you and your travel preferences, your spending power, what you like and dislike, your appointments, and schedules. This way, it becomes easy to deal with airlines directly.

Going Mobile
Given that over 60 percent of all users access the Net using mobile devices, it is not surprising that the mobile technology is transforming the travel industry positively. You can imagine the old days where you had to wait until you reach home or the nearest telephone booth to make a call. With the mobile technology working online and offline, it is now possible to keep in touch with the travel agents anywhere. With mobile apps, you can do almost anything even without needing to go to the company’s website. With these apps, you can book travels, make reservations, pay, and even give feedback to the company.

With the facts at your fingertips, you are now in a better position to harness and benefit from them as a traveler or a travel agent.

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