Smart Bus Tickets Vending Machines Bring Faster Travel to York

North Yorkshire is the latest city in the UK to benefit from swifter bus travel thanks to the expertise of kiosk manufacturers Cammax Limited and the vision of the local council.York becomes the last city to implement public bus tickets vending machines, so passengers can make their local bus travel easier and faster.

Bus Tickets Becomes Easier To Get Thanks to Vending Machines

City of York Council (CYC) and Cammax, based in Castelford, have worked together to design and deploy Smart Ticket Bus Vending Machines for all six Park and Ride sites throughout York and now the kiosks have been rolled out in York City center.

Smart Bus Tickets Vending Machines Bring Faster Travel to York

The state-of-the-art kiosks enable bus passengers to buy local travel bus tickets in next to no time including a range of weekly, monthly and yearly passes as well as Park and Ride Tickets. Passengers can also use the machines to pay for their journeys on the spot or check the remaining balance on their smart cards. First York, Transdev, Cityzap and Coastliner passes are all available to purchase alongside All York tickets which allow holders to journey on any of the operators’ buses within the York area.

Smart cards are robust and reusable cards that enable passengers to travel on the area’s public transport. The installation of these state-of-the art kiosks has led to more public transport users having access to around-the-clock payment facilities, reducing the burden on bus drivers.

Hundreds of thousands of transactions are set to take place over the coming years, reducing the number of fares paid in cash and therefore easing congestion and wait times; the move towards cashless will speed make bus rides more efficient and increase the number of buses arriving and departing on time.

First Bus York MD, Marc Bichemann, was quick to praise the introduction of the kiosks and smart cards: “I think it will make bus travel a lot easier. People can be a lot more flexible with their tickets and it will make boarding quicker. Rather than having to pay cash for the bus and fumbling for the right coins it makes it a lot easier for our drivers and for the customers. Just tap your card and away you go”.

Cllr Ian Gillies, Executive Member for Transport and Planning at City of York Council, also added: “The introduction of the ‘York by bus’ smart card will allow passengers to simply tap and go when they board the bus. We hope that this will make bus travel even more attractive and further boost bus passenger numbers”.

York is the latest city to benefit from Cammax Smart Ticketing kiosks, following the lead of areas in Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire who have also deployed smart ticket vending machines and smart card initiatives over the last couple of years.

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

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