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Small Apartments: is it Really a Situation Without a Solution?

When you live in a small space, kitchen utensils, home accessories and small personal items tend to invade the space and overcrowd it. Then, you begin to notice that you’re already running out of storage space. We are exactly to prove to you that there are a whole bunch of solutions to optimize the storage of small apartment.Let’s see your options.

However, we believe it is possible to take advantage of the smallest space, with the help of some smart solutions. For example, by installing a shelf around a door frame, transforming the partitions into storage, taking advantage of the stairs to fit cupboards or even store high up the wall. 

We are here exactly to prove to you that there are a whole bunch of solutions to optimize the storage in a small apartment, and that such situations are never a deadend! Let’s see what are your options to make your place more organized and pleasant.↓

small apartment

1. Choose multifunctional furniture

In a small apartment or a very tiny studio, try, above all, to make the circulation and everyday life more fluid. There can be no talk of accumulating unnecessary furniture! Instead, turn to multi functional innovations that structure the living space and accommodate, for example, both a library and an extra wardrobe. 

If you have your heart set on a smart-looking oak dining room table to eat around, see if you can find an extendable one so that you can save space normally, but accommodate more when you find yourself needing to.

Even in a small space, you can afford a smart set up: multifunctional items of furniture, like the ones you can find on, always stand out, while making the life in a crumpled home much more optimized!

2. Smartly take advantage of the whole space

Sometimes, small rooms are a consequence of architecture. For example, living under the roof allows you to benefit from a lovely view, while making it a real struggle to place different storage items like dressers and cupboards for all your things. Rather than losing the uninhabited surface, located just under the roof, we advise you to invest in a large but short piece of furniture in a row. 

The ideal solution is to have this storage made to measure, but for small budgets there are standard furniture items that could easily slide into that space. If the ceiling height allows it, you might as well take advantage of the surface of this piece of furniture to create a bench with a few colored cushions and a cozy blanket.

3. Store upwards

When you don’t have enough floor space, the best solution is to invest in the walls’ and the ceiling’s height. Wall shelves are obviously a good alternative to standing furniture, but to increase the number of storage areas, you can also choose hanging shelves. 

Hanging from the ceiling, they bring novation to the decor without weighing down the atmosphere (a solution suitable for apartments with sufficiently high ceilings).

4. Try to use space-saving shelves

Every square inch can be used in one way or another. It is not uncommon to find rough angles, a sloping wall or even a fireplace in a small apartment. So turn these nooks into storage space. 

With simple medium boards and hinges, you can create custom shelves. But if DIY isn’t your thing, forget about the fastening part and set up a surface with two stacks of magazines as a stand.

5. Invest in the space under the stairs

A classic, yet still effective solution: take advantage of the space under the stairs to set up some optimized storage. Shelves, a closed wardrobe or even drawers, it’s up to you to choose the storage that best suits your lifestyle. 

Organize the storage according to the frequency of use of the objects. Regarding decoration, we advise you to harmonize the staircase and its base in the same style as the storage.

6. Create storage under the bed

When the sleeping area is less than 9 sq m/ 95 sq feet – the minimum size of a room to be considered a bedroom – it is better to avoid placing a wardrobe or a dresser for your personal things. 

But how do you store your clothes? By investing in a bed with storage! Such beds with integrated drawers allow the use of new space! Those who don’t want to buy a new bed can simply turn to the storage boxes to slide under the actual furniture.

Small Apartment

7. Store in the wall

We won’t be talking about hiding a treasure in the partitions, but rather about taking advantage of partitions to create cupboards. Over the entire height and length of a living room, the wall can contain a series of invisible storage niches that are only visible if you want them to be.

To optimize space as much as possible, we even recommend that you do not place handles, but install a pressure opening system or sliding doors, for an easy, almost imperceptible grip.

8. Install storage around the doors

You may find this idea a little eccentric, but arranging a few shelves around the doors of your apartment is a good idea to save precious square meters or feet. By framing the storage on doors, you free up floor space to invest in a previously unused wall. 

Some precautions should be taken: do not install too large objects and arrange your trinkets or your books in a homogeneous manner. The important thing is not to unbalance – physically and visually – the door frame.

Now here are some more little tips for a perfectly optimized home, full of free space and smart solutions – 3 expert pieces of advice from our expert ↓

a) Reorganize

When it comes to bringing together two small rooms to forget about the problem of crumpled and narrow space, everything has to be rethought really well. A small corridor can become a spacious entrance and a little kitchen – the perfect living room.

b) Let the air move

To create a feeling of space, it is important to place as few doors as possible. The bedroom can have sliding doors and the bathroom – a glass door. The circulation of air in a house or apartment should be able to make the kitchen, living room and bedroom communicate.

c) The colors

While many believe white is the only color suitable for a small apartment, this is absolutely not a requirement. The colors and shades you can use in furniture and other decorations are, for example: floor in black, walls and ceiling in white, cupboard doors in yellow, green or red. 

These kinds of choices create unity and give a feeling of fluidity.

Now what about your place? Have you managed to make it look more airy with the help of our solutions?

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