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8 Practical Tricks For Sleeping on the Plane

You’d be forgiven to that after the ordeal you persevered getting through luggage and security checks, you’d get on the plane and fall asleep soon after. Ideally, that is how it should be, but then again, it is how it is supposed to be, not how it is.People will climb over you, you won’t have enough legroom, the movies playing around will be noisy, and kids will scream into your ears. Not fun at all, is it? Eight tips that will help you to sleep and rest on a long plane ride. Take a look at these tips of shortlisting of sleeping on the plane.

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Sleeping on the Plane

For these reasons, many cosmetic consultants (they travel a lot) and other travelers find it impossible to fall asleep even when 30,000ft above ground. Yes, even with the sophistication in technology, planes aren’t always as comfortable. Because of that, we have a few tricks which will prove effective on your next trip.

Travel Advice for Sleeping on the Plane

1. Pack everything you need

Here goes your basic sleeping on the plane checklist – noise-canceling headphones, earplugs, music player, blanket, bottled water, books/ magazines, a sleeping mask, and a travel pillow.

Sleeping on the Plane

2. Book a window seat

Not everyone can afford a first-class ticket. But, that doesn’t mean that you get the worst seat – it only means that you need to be smart. A window seat makes it easy for you to fall asleep because you can rest your head on the window. So, even if you don’t have a travel pillow, you will still get to sleep.

Booking the window seat comes with another benefit, you won’t be woken up by another passenger because they need to go to the loo. You can also control exposure to the sun. You may also want to book a seat depending on the side you normally sleep on.

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3. Dress for sleep

Well, pajamas aren’t the best choice of sleepwear in public but, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress in a comfortable manner. Rather than your silk pajamas, wear comfortable sweatpants or even sportswear.
You also need to keep your feet warm. So, you should wear thick, warm and comfortable socks.

You may also want to carry an oversized hoodie for comfort and for covering your eyes when you can’t sleep with an eye mask.

You should also buckle your seat belt on your blanket to keep it there.

4. Be tired by the time you are taking your flight

The night before your flight, you should consider getting as little sleep as possible. If you can, stay active for most of the night and reduce your sleeping time by half. By the time you go through checking and waiting in the lounge and finally sitting down on the plane, you will be too tired to stay awake. Therefore, you will be able to sleep a little more naturally.

You should also consider engaging in an intense workout before the flight.

5. Skip the wine and eat light

A grumbling tummy will prevent you from sleeping well, and it will feel a bit embarrassing. On the other hand, a heavy meal isn’t advisable as your body will require a bit of time to digest what’s in there, and that means you won’t sleep well. To prevent the struggle, eat something light. The best light meal is a chicken salad because it is light and chicken promotes sleep by increasing the production of serotonin. Alcohol affects the quality of sleep you get.

You should also avoid caffeine, as it will make it impossible to sleep with this stimulant coursing through your veins.

6. Noise cancellation headphones

If you have trouble sleeping at home and you hear every little sound, then you won’t fall asleep with earplugs only. You will need to adopt a sleeping aid that will cancel all the noise around you.
You can also get other sleeping aids if you struggle to sleep. Melatonin will help you fall asleep fast, and Dramamine will soothe motion sickness.

7. Follow your daily routine

If you have one thing that helps you sleep or a routine you follow before going to bed, adopt it. Whether you read a book, watch a movie, or listen to music, apply it on the plane, and you will eventually fall asleep.

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8. Stay hydrated

There is something worse than waking up in the middle of the flight to pee – your skin drying up or getting breakouts because of the foul air in the plane. Though you can’t control the quality of the air, you can protect your skin. Do that by drinking more water 24 hours before your flight.

Final Thoughts
Sleeping is important, but getting quality sleep on long flights can be an impossible task. Other than the tricks above, you should uncross your legs to enhance blood flow, use the tray table, plan to beat jet lag and set your watch to the new time zone. You should also use the footrest and finally, recline your seat but be considerate of others.

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