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Sleep Science: The Importance of Rest

You have probably heard the many benefits of sleep, but you might still be unconvinced. Some people find it hard to reconcile some of the benefits with rest. We want to inform you that we have relied on sleep science and research to bring you a list of those things you get every time you rest.

Let us define and explain what good rest before we even get into the science and importance of sleep. People of different age groups require different sleeping times. Children below the ages of six can sleep up to 12 hours. Children and young adults can sleep 8-10 hours for optimal performance. They need more sleep because of the various developmental needs. Adults need 7-8 hours of rest.  

Sleep Science

Here are just some of the ways sleep can benefit you

Heal Your Body

Whenever you go to a hospital, the physician will tell you to slow down on the work. If the situation is severe, he or she will ask you to consider resting in a fully electric hospital bed. In critical conditions, the doctor is unlikely to let you leave. Why? Studies have shown that human cells take time to repair and rejuvenate when we are resting. You will have challenges with this critical function of the body if you are not getting enough rest. 

Rest is good for everyone; even healthy people need cell repair and multiplication. Rest also can reduce pain, especially when you are sick. They need new healthy cells to replace worn-out cells. They also need to repair damaged cells to keep their body functions intact. The best time to rest is when you are sleeping. Sleep in a resting position, preferably in a comfortable bed.

Everyone needs a quality sleeping and resting area. The bedroom should have the right climate controls. The team of believes that your bed and bedding should also be optimal. They should be of the right material and give you the best rest that your body needs to function well.

Promote Alertness

Your body relies on reflexes to respond to stimuli. The reflexes are both physical and mental. You may have noticed that you have a hard time concentrating when you are tired. The natural body response mechanism to fatigue is to shut off. Studies on the response rate and alertness of human beings show that a person who gets enough rest and sleep is likely to be more alert than a person who is not getting enough sleep. 

The science behind it is that the brain also gets tired with time. It needs some time to cool off and restart. Rest is one of the best ways to give it a boost. Stimulants can help the brain continue functioning, but they do not solve the problem. Sleeping enough is the only solution to a fatigued brain. You will stay sharp and focused once you have rested.

Improve Your Mood and Attention

In 2018, a study by Dr. Worley reported the extraordinary benefits of sleep on the mood. The research focused on the general body response mechanism to three things, cognition, attention, and mood. Unsurprisingly, the research showed a positive correlation between sleep and all three. Adults who had 7-8 hours of sleep were more likely to remain alert for much longer than those who had less sleep.

The study also showed that the same group of adults recorded better cognitive performance than their counterparts who either had sporadic sleeping patterns or did not have enough rest over 24 hours. Perhaps the most critical item on the list was mood. Mood tends to have multiple implications in our lives. A good mood can improve your relationships with people. It can positively affect social functions and even interactions.

Sleep Promotes Healthy Living

First, good rest can prevent the risk of many medical conditions. For example, sleeping well has been found to reduce stress and anxiety significantly. People who are prone to such problems are advised to observe a good sleep ethic. People who don’t follow rest directives are at risk of weight gain. Surprisingly, if you are trying to lose weight, you need to ensure that you get enough rest. You can also boost your energy and performance levels by ensuring that you have enough rest every day. Check out this article for some facts and benefits on how important sleep is.

Sleep debt is a bad habit. No matter what you do after accumulating it, you will never recover the lost sleep. Instead, you might end up hurting your body even more when trying to binge sleep to recover from debt sleep. The idea is to ensure that your sleeping patterns are predictable so that your body can adjust accordingly.

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