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Skin Care for Traveling – Revitalizing Serum Review

Back when I was in my twenties and decided to start traveling on my own I used to think that my youthful skin would last forever. I did notice a bit of dryness every time I went on a plane but the next day it was back to normal. So I didn’t pay much attention to it. But each year, as I continued traveling I noticed how it started to suffer and decided to come up with a good routine that would avoid it from becoming a mess.The SkinPro BIO-Placenta revitalizing serum and my opinion on it.Take a look at this blog post to learn about Skin Care for Traveling.

Revitalizing Serum Review

Ever since that moment I started trying anti aging products to prevent any wrinkles and discolorations. During that time I have tested some extremely good products and some other that didn’t do anything good for my skin.

My most recent favorite Skin Care product for traveling and for using at home is SkinPro BIO-Placenta Revitalizing Serum. I was looking for a new cream because the one I was using was not working as I expected it to.

Revitalizing Serum Review

About SkinPro BIO-Placenta Revitalizing Serum

What it claims
– Promotes regeneration
– Supports anti-wrinkle
– Helps firm skin
– Increase elasticity
– Provides nutrition
– Hydrates
– You are supposed to start seeing improvements in 28 days.

Skin Care for Traveling

How they suggest you use it
You should apply a small amount of it over clean and dry skin two times per day (morning and night).

My Thoughts on It

I decided to give this serum a good chance so I stopped using any other creams masks while I tested it.

The first thing that I noticed when I first applied it was how light it felt on my skin. Plus it absorbed really fast, making it perfect for a night product because I could go straight to bed without having to wait 20 minutes for it to absorb.

Also, I know it said to be tested for at least 28 days but I started seeing changes within one week. My skin got really soft. The second week I started seeing it a bit smoother, no wrinkles disappeared but my skin was a bit plumper and youthful looking.

I definitely wasn’t looking like I was 20 again by the end of the month. But I did notice a reduction in fine lines, my sun spots became less visible and my skin looks fresh and healthy. So I’ll definitely keep using it as part of my skincare routine and would definitely recommend it.

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