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Skin Care Essentials for Traveling

When I was in my twenties I used to think that my youthful skin would last forever and didn’t pay much attention to care for it. But each year, while I traveled I noticed how it started to suffer and decided to come up with a good routine that would avoid it from becoming a mess.Six beauty and skin care essentials that should be on your luggage whenever you travel.Take a look at this beauty essentials for traveling.

Since then I have been carrying with me tons of products, some work, some don’t and some others I never really used so they got kicked out of my luggage.

Skin Care Essentials for Traveling

6 Skin Care Essentials

1. Face Mask – No matter where I am in the world I like to get a face mask treatment to my face at least once a week to make sure it is hydrated. The good thing is that there are a ton of these that come in tiny packages that take no space in your toiletry bag.

2. Face Cleanser – This is something that happens wherever you are. you don’t need to be traveling to get tons of junk in your face after a long day. The thing is that we all have a face cleanser that we love and some times they are not available in the country we are traveling to. So I like to keep a small bottle with mine.

3. BB Cream – I am not a big fan of makeup. I don’t wear it often and when I do I like it to be soft. That’s why I love these. They are so subtle and light on the skin but make you look slightly more put together. Plus they are really hydrating.

You never know when you need to get a bit more elegant while you travel so it is good to have one of these around.

Skin Care Essentials

4. Lip Balm – This is one I used to forget to bring with me all of the time. And with the sudden changes from the warm outside climate into the A/C of the hotel the plane, the airport, the taxi and basically everywhere indoors, lips suffer.

5. Sunscreen – By now everyone and their mother recommend this but there are some of us who still choose to not carry one around.

When we travel we are often exposed to direct sun light more than normal so it can cause some real, long term damage to your skin.

6. Makeup Remover Wipes – This is another one I like to carry in case I don’t find the exact same in my destination. I don’t want to risk an allergy. Plus it is really convenient to have these whenever you feel like you want to refresh your face.

These are my absolute must haves for caring for my protect skin while traveling. I’d love to learn about what you use essentials for traveling.

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