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Tips to Enjoy Ski Holidays at North Lake Tahoe with Toddlers

Nowhere to hide, let’s face the facts; Skiing with babies and toddlers is a challenging, if not impossible, act. Or at least, that’s what many of us believe. Five of the most important rules or tips to keep in mind while planning ski holidays with toddlers. Take a look at family travel ski holidays. For those who reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, weekend breaks or even 1-day trips to any resort located within Lake Tahoe ski area are often seen as the obvious choice.

As many of the resorts in the northern part of the lake have invested a great deal of time and money in making the ski resorts more and more friendly towards families with toddlers, going skiing with your kids is no longer such a big deal.

Have compiled the below 5-point rule books aimed at assisting parents who cannot go anywhere without their offspring.

Ski Holidays

Tips for Ski Holidays at North Lake Tahoe with Toddlers

For small kids – Consider childcare

All toddlers don’t respond to skiing at a young age. You, too, desire to spend time at the slopes, without being concerned about the kids all of the time. Several ski resorts provide parent swap ski tickets, where one parent can be with the kid, while the other skis.

Childcare for non-skiers is also another good option. You can even bring your grandmother or grandfather along on this ski trip so that both of you can get time skiing on steeper slopes.

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 Choose a ski resort with plenty of alternatives to skiing

Children do get easily bored and may not always have the same love for the white powder as you do.

It is therefore very important that you chose a ski resort where your kids are faced with alternatives to the slopes.

In North Lake Tahoe, resort-like Squaw Valley, Heavenly, and Diamond Peak are notoriously known for being prone to children.

Drive can be challenging so plan ahead

Leave Bay Area before noon on Friday for weekend trips, and the return back on Sunday must be scheduled several hours prior to closing or after dinner.

These are times when the traffic is thin. A much better option is to coincide your travel time with the kid’s nap time. It means the kid sleeps most of the road drive. Make sure that you select the best car seat based on your kid’s age and weight.

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Stop and take a break

If timing is planned, and you have the toddler sleeping for most of the drive, then you are fortunate.

If your kid wakes and fusses, then you need to stop at several great places on the road to enjoy a break.

If you are taking the drive between San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, there are several diners and even a mini amusement park along the highway.

When to visit!

In San Francisco, Presidents’ Day celebrated in February is called ‘ski week’ as the majority of the locals head towards the ski slopes in Lake Tahoe.

Parents with toddlers need to avoid these peak times like New Year and Christmas because the accommodation is costly and slopes are jam-packed.

Mid-December, late January, and mid-late arch (just before Easter) are the times a year when the resort in North Lake Tahoe, will have the least visitors. Therefore, it is advised you go on these dates.

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