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6 Things to Know About Travelling With A Firearm

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Young Girl On The Hunt In The Forest. Beautiful Woman Hunter Wit Every so often, you will catch a news story of a person, usually a professional athlete who has a gun in their carry-on luggage at the airport. This is illegal by the way and the biggest excuse they usually give is that they forgot the gun was there. Actually if you have a permit to carry a firearm, it is perfectly legal in some states to take the gun in some parts of the airport but not others.

When it comes to firearms, the number one concern is always the safety of both yourself and others. If your travels take you to any one of the other states, then it is advisable to brush up on those states’ firearms laws since every state has its own set of laws. What might be legal in your state might not be in another that you are traveling to and vice versa. So brush up on these laws.

Where you can carry your weapon, or under what circumstance, is the reason we are here, let you know about the six critical things when you travel with a firearm.

1. According to the TSA, it’s illegal to carry guns in a carry-on bag, but that does not stop people from either intentionally or unintentionally trying to board a plane with a gun. In fact, in a single week, the TSA has found 53 firearms in carry-on bags around the US. And what’s worse, 42 of the guns were loaded, and 15 of them had a round in the chamber.

2. Transporting a firearm requires you to lock it in a hard sided-box that someone cannot easily tamper with. The container must be completely secure, and someone should not be able to open it easily.

3. You must declare the firearm and any ammunition at check-in with the airline before boarding the flight. You must make sure that you unload the gun during travel. And remember that the gun case that came with the weapon during purchase might not be secure enough to carry the gun when traveling.

4. Only you, the passenger will retain the key or the combination to the lock of the lock-box unless the TSA agents request it so they can inspect said container and make sure that it is in compliance with the rules and regulations concerning firearms travel. There are no restrictions on the type of locks to use as long as they are secure and compliant with TSA requirements.

5. You cannot carry on any firearm parts, including bolts, magazines, clips, or firing pins. You must check them in with the rest of your luggage.

6. This also includes any replica guns, toys, and BB guns; they will only travel as checked-in luggage. The only exception to this very rule is the rifle scopes, which can either be in the carry-on or checked luggage.


1. You cannot take ammunition in your carry-on luggage, but you can check-in. Any ammunition or ammunition containers, whether they are empty or full, including magazines, must be in a secure box and transport in the same safe hard-sided box carrying the firearm.

2. You must wrap ammo for small arms, and up to a .75 caliber, also shotgun shells of any size and gauge in a fiber-based container like cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal box which is specific for carrying ammo and you have to check it in with the airline before boarding.

3. Ammo must be in the hard-sided box with the firearm above if it is in a wrap and secured, as we stated above.

4. You cannot use the gun magazines or extra clips to pack the ammo unless the ammo completely fills the container. In other words, if a clip holds ten rounds of ammo, you cannot transport it if it has seven rounds. If that becomes the situation, then you need to make sure to pack the ammo separately.

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