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Six Body-Weight Workout Routines You Can Do While Traveling

You do your best to work at staying in shape whenever possible. However, you’re traveling someplace far for a week or two without gym access! What’s a fitness junkie to do?Six Body Weight Moves that you can use to create your routine for Working Out While Traveling.Find information about Healthy Travel Tips

Don’t fret, dear friend. You’ve got all the resources you need to stay fit while traveling: yourself.

Body-weight exercises are strength-training routines that use your own weight to test your resistance against gravity. They’re also a great alternative when you don’t have access to weights and gym equipment. And the best part? You don’t have to get out of your hotel room to work out.

Here are six easy body-weight workout routines that’ll get you pumping while traveling.

working out while traveling

  1. Bear Squats

Bear squats tap on strength, cardio, and power all in one set. To pull this off, get on a high plank. Place your palms under your shoulders with your legs fully extended.

While supporting yourself with your palms and feet, start bending your knees, and push your hips back similar to child’s pose in yoga. Extend your arms over your head, but don’t let your knees touch the ground. It will be like moving from a plank to an almost squat. Then “spring” back to a squat position.

  1. Jumping Squats

Jump squats take regular squats up a notch. This way, you’ll feel your quads tightening more.

To do jump squats in your hotel room, begin by doing a regular squat. Then jump up explosively while engaging your core. Upon landing, lower your body, and get back to your original squat position.

The challenge here is to land as quietly as possible. This will test your control and engage your leg muscles more.

  1. Push-Ups

Push-ups are a fast way to strengthen your upper body and lower back and engage your core. Plus you don’t need access to the gym to be able to do them. This makes them the perfect traveling workout.

Perform a proper push-up by positioning yourself in a high plank—your palms laid flat on the mat and your feet together behind you. Make sure to tuck your stomach in.

Then lower your body slowly while keeping your torso straight. Make sure your head is aligned with the spine. Continue lowering your body until your chin or chest touches the ground. Push back upward, and repeat the movement.

  1. Side Plank

It’s time to strengthen your obliques through side planks. Starting on the left side, support yourself with your left palm under your left shoulder. Extend your elbow, and keep your legs straight and stacked atop each other. Ensure that the outside of your left foot touches the ground.

When you’re ready, lift your hips off the ground. Make sure your body forms a straight line and faces the left side.

  1. Arm Rows

Okay, you may have to lift something for this next exercise. But here’s an idea—use your suitcase!

Choose a flat surface like a bench or a living room table. Place your right leg on the edge of the bench, then bend your torso forward. Support your upper body with your right hand on the other edge of the bench.

Then using your left hand, pick your suitcase off the floor, and pull it straight up to your chest. Keep your lower back straight while doing so. Once you’re done on the left side, turn to the right and perform some reps.

  1. Reverse Crunches

The reverse crunch strengthens the core and keeps the spine and hips stabilized. When you’re in motion, this move helps tighten the abdominal muscles.

To perform a reverse crunch, lie on your back on the floor. Place your knees together, and bend them to ninety degrees with your feet on the floor. Support your body by placing your palms on the floor.

Next engage your core and lift your hips off the floor while pulling your knees toward your chest. Pause the position for a few seconds before lowering back down. The challenge is to do reverse crunches while keeping your lower back in contact with the floor.

Keep Safe while Working Out While Traveling

While performing these Working Out While Traveling, ensure proper execution to protect yourself from untoward injuries. You don’t want to ruin the rest of your trip due to body pains! To be safe, make sure to bring a reliable compression tape to help support your muscles during exercise.

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