A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right SIM Card for Travel

Whether you use your sim card to keep in touch with your home, stay connected with your fellow travelers or surf internet for restaurant reviews and maps, travel Sim card offers a better way to use your mobile phones without relying on Wi-Fi or spending a lot of cash on international roaming charges. But with various options out there in the market, getting the right mobile package you require can be a challenging task. In this guide to international Sim cards below covers the primary advantages of a travel sim, define the key terms and weigh up the pros and cons of various popular options.If you are looking for the perfect SIM Card for Travel.Learn about almost everything you need to know about Travel tips and advice.

SIM Card for Travel

What is sim cards

It is a removable chip used by modems and mobile phone. Sim cards stores encrypted service key of the specific subscriber used in the process of identifying themselves to the network. Therefore, it’s possible to alter the consumer’s subscription from one terminal.

SIM Only Mobile deals give you a set of monthly allowances of talk time minutes, data and texts. They are cheaper than the traditional mobile contract as Sim-only deals doesn’t use bundle in the expenses of your phone itself. You will now have your own put your SIM or purchase a new one.

Best Sim Card for Travel


OneSimCard is a branch of licensed inter exchange carrier- Belmont Telecom Inc., that has been providing telecommunication services in the United States since 1994. The firm offers prepaid travelers SIM Card with a promise to save its users up to 85% of the roaming charges while travelling internationally.

This SIM Card is available in three varieties: Expedition SIM, Universal SIM and Europe & more Sim. The three cards can fit Nano, micro and standard Sim slots and they come accompanied by $10 for voice. The three cards come with two numbers: An Estonian European number and a secondary US, Canadian, UK or Australian number. You can order unlimited personal extra numbers from more than 60 countries you wish.

Outgoing calls using OneSim begin at 25c/min. Text messages are free of charge to send or receive anywhere. Data bundles charges usually start at 20c/Mb with monthly, weekly and daily packages available.


This service provider provides a prepaid travel SIM Card that offers calls, SMS and bundles plans. It claims that the SIM card will assist its users in cutting roaming expenses by up to 95%. The card can fit the standard, micro and Nano SIM Card slots. The line is free, and all you need is to purchase the credit that you refill it. The credit you add has no expiry date provided that you use the card once per year.

The Sim Card comes with the free UK and US mobile number. You can add unlimited numbers for over 50 countries using Virtual Number Service. You can opt to use the same roam on your existing number without any charges.


TravelSIM provides a prepaid Travel SIM Card that features plans for texts, calls and data. It works in more than 170+ countries globally can reduce the roaming costs up to 85%.  All SIM cards are triple-punched to fit all tablets and phones and some with Estonian European numbers. The TravelSIM cards can cost 10 euros and pay for extra to add a data plan or credit.

All the incoming calls and SMS are free in more than 135 countries. Your SIM card will be active provided that you refill credit once at least every 18 months. You can purchase both prepaid and credit plans with TravelSIM.


Knowroaming sells travel sim cards that work with calls, data and SMS. The company offers an individual sticker that you place it over your original home SIM card to convert your SIM card to Prepaid international SIM card.

After applying that sticker and download the app, you can start saving cash on roaming more than 200 territories over the world. These stickers can cost you around $30. You can opt to purchase regular KnowRoaming SIM card that can cost you $10 and it works like a sticker.

Using Knowroaming, you will get a US number that you can use to buy other foreign numbers for more than 50 countries for free that ranges from $3 to $12.50 a month.

SIM Card for Travel


GigSky offers triple-cut data only travel SIM Card for more than 120 countries in the world. Once you have downloaded GigSky smartphone app and purchase the SIM card to configure and activate the SIM Card, you are ready to go. The SIM Card offers two types of data plans that are non-regional plans for individual countries and regional plans such as Europe, Asia and North America.

The validity period of the data ranges between 1 to 30 days, and data package ranges from 300MB up to 5 GB although for some country plan packages go up to 1GbB or less.


GoSIM is one of the significant players in the Travel SIM Card market and like most of the competitors, offers data, calls and SMS plans.  The sim card offers coverage in 200+ countries the world and claims to save up to 90% on roaming costs. The SIM Card comes with an Estonia-based European number and charges $19 with $10 credit included.

Therefore, with GoSIM card, you can get free incoming calls, SMS in all countries. Unused credit or airtime is valid for 18 months. Paying as you go charges begin at $0.25/MB, but you can save a lot by buying the prepaid data plans which can go up to 2GB with the validity of up to 30 days.


KeepGo was founded in 2009 as a company that designs worldwide connectivity solutions from broadband devices and the Internet of Things. The firm develops two types of SIM cards; Lifetime Data SIM Card and Smartwatch Data SIM Card.

The lifetime data sim is a triple SIM that’s exclusively for data bundles, with no ability to send texts or make calls. It will cost you $49 with one GB of data included. The SIM Card offers coverage in about 110 countries, and the number will go up in future.

The KeepGo’s Smartwatch SIM Card is similar to the data SIM Card, but it is designed to connect your smartwatch to both 2G and 3G networks in more than 110 countries, and it will cost you $10 with % MB of included there.

Last Updated on May 14, 2023

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