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Sightseeing Tours in Boston: The Hop On Hop Off Fever Is Here!

Twenty years ago, when I lived in London, I remember taking the hop-on-hop-off double-decker tour to see all the hot spots and orient myself around the city. Back then London was the pioneer in such a nifty idea. Today it seems that every major city has incorporated it into their tourism agenda – and it has become a huge hit. Remembering the fun I had, I decided to add this to my search when looking for the best Sightseeing Tours in Boston.  Double Deckers seem to be more of a London, New York thing, as in Trolley Tours in Boston are more authentic and fits into their culture.

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You know what, I found over six different companies!

How do you pick the best Boston Hop On, Hop Off tour? Easy, go for the one that offers the most, for the least amount of money! And still has great reviews on it.

Boston Sightseeing Tours

A relatively new company, fit the bill to a Tee!

Sightseeing Tours in Boston

Boston Super Tours

Why this Super Tours in Boston was the ultimate Sightseeing Tours in Boston:

What they Offer – Hands down Super Tours offered the  most amount of things to do with an All-In-One Price

You can pick either the one or two-day package – Trust me, you REALLY NEED  to do the two-day package. We did the two days and weren’t able to take advantage of all the bonus tours they offered. But I’m sure that traveling with a three-year-old had a lot to do with it.

Trolley Routes

First of all they have two different routes. One is for Boston itself and the second one is for Cambridge – which covers Harvard and MIT areas. You can hop on and off as many times as you want, and the trolleys pass each stop every 15 minutes or so.

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We were staying in Cambridge so we didn’t take that route, but did almost the entire Boston one, mainly the historic sites (which are plenty).

harvard square boston - Sightseeing Tours in Boston
Harvard Square, Boston

Bonus tours included in the package

Super Duck Harbor Splash Tour

this is exactly like the Boston Duck Tours, which alone will cost you over $40 per person. We actually didn’t do this tour because it rained that day, and my kids weren’t in the best of moods, so we decided to continue on land rather than in more water.

duck boat tours boston

You can choose one of these five tours

  • Harvard Museum of Natural History
  • Old South Meeting House Tour
  • MIT Museum
  • Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston ICA)
  • Charles River Boat Cruise

We chose the Charles River Boat Cruise – this was a perfect choice to do with kids. And since we missed the Duck Tour portion, the kids were thrilled to hang out in a boat for a couple of hours.

Boat Cruise boston

Information for the Boston Super Tours

1. When Does it Start – The trolley tours all start at 9 am. There are several main locations for where you get the tickets. But once you have the tickets, you can pick it up where ever you are at a designated stop.

2. Schedules for Duck Tours and Bonus Tours – find out the best scheduled time for you, which you can easily inquire about when getting your tickets.

3. How to Buy the tickets – Your best bet, if you’re a planner like me, is to purchase them on line. They send you the tickets and you simply print them out so when you arrive it is a super quick process. However, we saw tons of people coming up to the sellers and purchasing them right on the spot. So it’s really your call.

4. Calling to talk to a live person – I still like to hear a live person give me advice or help me with questions. They were great about telling me the best itinerary for my family.

877-34DUCKS (343-8257)

100 Terminal Sreet
Charlestown, MA 02129

5. Prices – Premium Value Ticket
Adult – $39.05
Senior – $35.24
Children 3 -11 – $20.00
Plus tax

I know it can seem overwhelming when it comes to deciding which company to go with. I haven’t done the other hop on hop off trolley tours, but I can’t imagine them being any better. But I do know that none of them offer as much as you get with Boston Super Tours.

Sightseeing Tours in Boston – By Trolley and Boat


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