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What to Wear for Sightseeing in New York City?

NYC is a city synonymous with style. Of course, who can forget the amazing sites, the dazzling Broadway lights, the fantastic Brooklyn Bridge and the majestic Empire State Building?Five tips on how to decide what to wear for sightseeing in New York City.Take a look at this blog post to learn sightseeing in New York City.

However, if you are looking to explore the width of the Big Apple in a comfortable, yet fashionable way, you need to leave your dowdy, worn-out clothes at home, and opt for wardrobe that is appropriate to the NYC season, style that not only looks good but feels good as well.

packing list for sightseeing in new york city

Consider the Season
New York City’s spring can be warm or cold as temperatures range from the 40s to the 60s. Therefore, pack clothes you can layer, like T-shirts and sweaters for comfort, regardless the weather.

For the ladies, wear your thick tights with dresses for a smart, cozy look, while the men can pair a cardigan with a scarf. In summer, temperatures can hit the 70s and 80s, so pack short-sleeved shirts and dresses.

With temperatures ranging in the 40s to low 60s, fall in NYC can be cool and crisp. The best items of clothing for exploring the city in this season include medium-weight coats, light sweaters, dresses that you pair with leggings and jeans.

In September/October, wear summer clothes, but avoid shorts, and combine with layering pieces or simply a jacket.

packing list for sightseeing in new york city

Be Trendy
Just because you are not a New Yorker does not mean that you have to look like a tourist. It does not matter what season you are in, you can always wear stylish, smart clothes that will help you blend with the local New Yorker. To avoid sticking out as you explore the city, avoid white sneakers, old jeans, and tracksuits.

Instead, go for an elegant, yet trendy look. Your best bet is vintage dresses, blazers and designer jeans. Have fun experimenting with funky accessories and patterns for color and contrast.

Try wearing enamel pins as they are a popular New York City style trend. You can pair them with your blazer or denim jacket for a touch of quirkiness. Just make sure to choose your enamel pins wisely, as they can say a lot about your personality.

Your Footwear
Overall, New York is a walking city, and if you are sightseeing, even if you are riding in one of the famous NYC sightseeing bus tours, you still need comfortable travel footwear.

Avoid wearing a pair of beat-up sneakers or un stylish shoes that will quickly mark you as a tourist. Instead, sleek boots will do for women while quality leather shoes offer men a classy, timeless look.

Protect Your Face
While sightseeing in NYC, never forget to protect your face. If you intend to spend a long day outdoors, even in winter, wear a broad spectrum, high SPF sunblock moisturizer. Also, use products that will help protect your skin against pollution.

It is always preferable to exude elegance, especially while exploring a new city. Women can add light makeup to achieve some of NYC’s style by putting on lipstick, mascara, blush and a little foundation.

Your Electronics
Most travel advisors say that you should not carry electronics while traveling. But this is New York City and most people are carrying around the latest gadgets and iPhone models – in fact, the homeless guy across from your hotel is probably using a smartphone!

Don’t be afraid to bring your electronics like laptops and phone to the city as long as you do not flash them in sketchy areas.

Some of the electronics you may want to carry with you can include your phone and its charger, a watch, a laptop and charger, and an external battery. Remember to bring a flashlight in case of emergencies and a hard drive for backing up all the images you will be taking of NYC life.

Now that you are all dressed up and ready for your City sightseeing bus tours in NYC it is time to go out and see all of the best attractions of the city.

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